How did you get your first sale at Fiverr

by jwans
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Anyone knows how can I get first sale Fiverr? I created the gig a few days ago, but still can't manage to get a sale.

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    A few questions to ask yourself:

    Did you target the right keywords?
    Did you look for gigs which are successful and tweak them?
    What else can you do to get it noticed?
    Does anyone even want it?

    BTW. Did you just post this so you can sell your gig?
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      Originally Posted by mbacak View Post

      A few questions to ask yourself:

      Did you target the right keywords?
      Did you look for gigs which are successful and tweak them?
      What else can you do to get it noticed?
      Does anyone even want it?

      BTW. Did you just post this so you can sell your gig?
      I saw a lot of people getting several sales for this gig, but just don't know how they managed to get it.

      Honestly, I don't think people at Warrior Forum would want to buy backlinks at Fiverr, since lots of good SEO service providers are already here.

      However, I'm still trying to figure out how to get my first sale.

      Any help would be appreciated.
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  • Originally Posted by jwans View Post

    I created the gig a few days ago, but still can't manage to get a sale.
    I did a quick search for back links on fiverr and 11662 search results showed up!
    This might be part of your issue, as your gig is getting lost in the crowd.
    If you are not promoting your gig and driving traffic to it yourself, you may have a hard time being found. The other part of your issue is that your description is very unclear and has English grammar issues. Try to have it re-written so that it looks professional and so that it makes sense when reading it. This way if people do happen to stumble across your gig, they won't pass on it because of the description.
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    You created your gigs 3 days ago, It would take a lot more time than that to get your first sale on Fiverr. I created like 3-4 gigs on something that I can do and I had no sale for like a month. I got my first sale after 2-3 months. After you got your first sale, everything else was simple, I get repeated customers because I did a great job for them.

    Try putting a video explaining how your gigs work. Seriously, backlinking gigs is overly-saturated in Fiverr IMO. Try analysis what your top competitors are doing and add a unique twist to it.
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    i think my first sale are form document sharing, and social bookmark.. i create article and post to doc sharing then i bookmark my gigs too.. But the next selling are from people that like my gigs, he create wso and mention my service
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      Did you see the "Request Gigs" side bar at the right hand side? Sometimes, you will see people post the message and say that they are looking for SEO service. You can just message them and say you can help them. Post your gig URL in the message so that they can take look.

      1. I noticed you only have one gig. Fiverr allow each seller maximum have 20 gigs, so use all of them. You can post same service in all 20 gigs but DO NOT use same image and same copy. Make them different.

      2. You gig is "NOT rated yet" mean no review/positive feedback from any customer. I used to message FIVERR support and they told me you have to raised your rate to 90%-95%. If not your gig will not to get see. So create more gig to get more exposure.

      Hope this help
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    The guys are correct, you got into the biggest niche in fiverr, and getting sales there is definitely not easy.

    I made a pretty impressive number of sales in fiverr, and it all came from quite small niches there, where the competion is smaller (although almost any subject there got at least 10 sellers). So my suggestion for you will be to target a smaller niche in fiverr.

    If you wish to stick with your gig, I would suggest you to target more keywords by creating similar gigs to the one you aleady have and to add a more attractive image.
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    Make an irresistible offer and a call to action to get the sales coming in for example.. First 7 to purchase get DOUBLE the order size so hurry and click on order now!
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    I created some gigs on fiverr last year! I thought what the heck my gigs only take 10-20 minutes of work. I forgot about it and added some more about a month ago. Then i started getting a few sales from my old gigs... I think after i got my first gig and got feedback it helped get contact from more people.

    Also another thing, I was abroad when i created my profile so my profile flag was not USA... I asked them to change it and they did... Within a week i got my first sale. Some may say it doesnt matter what country but when you are a new seller there i think it will help.
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    Thanks for all your help, guys. really appreciated.
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    #1 - This kind of gig is a thing of the past. Anyone dumb enough to buy this doesn't have a clue to begin with.

    #2 - No native English speaker will read beyond the first two lines.

    #3 - The only way to get noticed on Fiverr is to place well in their search results. Driving traffic to or "marketing" a Fiverr gig is nonsense. Why not market something you can actually make some money on instead?

    Where are you in their SRP for your terms? I got so many gigs a couple years ago through optimization that I finally had to stop.
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    I got my first sale from offering a pack of 10 PLR articles on penis enlargement. Sold fast, then i created a product about the subject. Crazy sales.
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      1) I had my video up me ( Doesn't matter that I am not a good looking )
      2) Keywords and the section that I have posted.
      3) Start sharing your link in your signature post in various forum and actually share, participate in a full forum conversation
      4) Make multiple gig's offering different services in various option group.
      5) Tweet about your services among your followers
      6) Pin it in your pin board about your services
      7) Have it on your facebook page and ask other on your facebook friend;ist to share it.

      That is how, I got my first sale and never looked back.

      Hope this helps.

      Kind regards,
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    1. Demand
    2. Solution
    3. Findability
    4. Ratings

    PLR Modifiable Content

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    I sold "how to" get traffic type gigs. Routinely made an average of $40/day. I love fiverr.


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    My first fiverr sale is making a youtube video from an article, and it's a demanding market.

    I think backlink building is not as important as several years ago, and I am interested in social marketing now, and want to buy such gigs.
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    A few years ago I was offering Twitter promotions on Fiverr. The sales came in very steadily. (IE: I will Tweet your promotion for $5).

    I didn't do anything special. Just created the offer and sales came in.

    Ultimately it was too time consuming and I failed to automate it, so I dropped it.

    Lesson: offer something in demand.

    Things have changed in the last few years though. So in all probability my Fiverr advice is useless.

    I think the "top rated" sellers get the majority of attention now, and unfortunately the niches are already clearly defined, so it may be difficult to sneak your way into prominence. (Maybe I'm wrong).

    Edit: After giving this some thought, I think a key is getting initial ratings; so perhaps advertising exterior to may be a variable to consider).
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    I put up a quick article writing gig and it sold like crazy. I guess Fiverr wasn't so cramped back in the day and you could get away without doing too many things. But it's still very possible to earn a decent amount using Fiverr if you follow the right techniques
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    I just posted and promoted it on forums. And waited. The good news is that if you produce QUALITY MATERIALS, you won't have to wait for future orders-they will be repeat orders.
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    The niche which you are targeting is very competitive. Not only that I have seen that particular gig several times on fiverr. Moreover you are "Not rated yet" which is a major disadvantage that you have.

    As for me, I provide Unique service at fiverr and I get sales quite easily, regularly.
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    Targeted keywords are important here also check for the competition. If you are lv0 seller is also quite bad so you will need to be patent or find customers on forums first or different fb groups
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    I created a gig and just left it there for a few weeks, actually forgot about it. Then boom, one day I got a sell, then another, then another, and things were going great.

    Until I decided to stop using fiverr.
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    I did not really do much promoting. I just created a few gigs and orders started to come.

    The key is, to keep 100% rating.
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    Here's what I did nearly a few years ago when I was selling there:

    1.) Went to Fiverr and studied what content writers and copywriters were offering.

    2.) Created a gig offering my services

    3.) Took time to create a good headline offering my services with a strong guarantee and bonuses that weren't being offered by others with similar gigs.

    4.) Included in my gig headline that I'm a pro writer and they won't find what I offer on here, my services are many times worth more than $5 by far....and this offer is for 3 months only, then I'm gone from Fiverr for good...blah, blah.

    5.) Contacted a few SELECT prospects/clients, and told them I have a gig on Fiverr..go get it before it's gone, so I can get some testimonials. Testimonials are critical there.

    6.) Sold a few gigs to those I knew--got outstanding reviews as a result

    7.) Waited over a month....but still no sales other than the first few.

    8.) Then one day the sales skyrocketed. More than I could handle every day. I had to pause the gig regularly! Mind you, this went on for three months. After three months I removed the gig and never looked back. I used it to make connections and get a future client or two, that pays FULL price for my services.


    So I think you'll need to find a service that isn't oversaturated, or find a unique spin on a service that's over-saturated, and a unique way to market it

    When I pull up SEO-related gigs on Fiverr, I never even have the time to sort through the countless results that come up. So you're dealing with TONS of competition. And Google's constant-update-news-going-mainstream may make it more difficult to compete, as more "everyday" folks are now aware of terms such as "penalties," "black hat" etc.

    As stated by RogueOne, it is probably a waste of time...especially if you want shorter term results. And the Catch-22 exists; you need good feedback to get sales and you need sales to get good feedback!

    Best of luck with your endeavor.
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    Great place to start your career. Fiverr handles all the traffic for you and its a great place to learn to work with a customers.

    Did you research your gig before you created it? What I mean is just simply scroll through gigs that are in demand and where there are sellers selling a lot of them and just copy their headline and title. Thats how I first got started. I run a ppc gig on there that I outsource and my average monthly income is around $800 to $1,200. Not to bad for just doing a little communication. My point is its simple to do and you can do it if you are posting gigs that people need or would have an interest in.

    Also my advice is to create around 3 or 4 gigs and out of those you usually will get one that will deliver for you.
    Working to achieve higher results...
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