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Hey Warriors,

I read a lot about PLR Products and a lot of Internet Marketers are looking for PLR, MRR, Giveaway-Products. I would create new PLR products in different niches and would like to make a WSO.

I am going to make new content with really professional graphics!
Content so NEW and EXCITING, you could easily sell each ebook for
$ 9 up to $ 19! FRESH NEW PLR Content for every niche!

My questions:
What would you pay for "Fresh New PLR"? (ebooks)
Would you rather pay for one PLR ebook, or for a collection of PLR?
What PLR niches would you recommend?

Thanks for your help.
Really looking forward making great content for you!

To your Success
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    I would pay a good amount for high quality PLR. I prefer PLR ebooks over PLR articles, but those are often poorly written. If you could get an expert/semi-expert to write PLR ebooks in the heath/fitness niche, I would pay $50-$150 for that. I don't know if I'd be the only one, though.
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    Hey Daniel!

    As a PLR seller I'll share what I know. They buy hot topics and evergreen topics. So you have to make yourself a list of those.

    Evergreen Topics

    Find these as the main non fiction categories in bookstores, such as:

    Self Help

    (So if you literally strolled through Barnes and Noble, these are the "book rack sections" you'd encounter).

    Trend Topics

    A good place to look for these is right smack on the front cover of a magazine in the grocery store checkout. If there's a hot diet, the women's mags will cover them. I made a killing off of my hCG Diet PLR for example.

    These are also great for health topics that are new. For example, if it comes out in the news that a lack of sleep is the #1 stress factor (as Huffington Post just researched), then do a PLR pack on sleep and stress.

    BUT - here's the cherry on top... TELL your buyers about what you just learned and WHY you just made that PLR pack. Not everyone's tuned into the news or even knows how to conduct research, so you can make them go, "Oh I didn't know that! That would be a great niche to be in/ramp up, etc.).

    Another perk you may want to offer your customers? Links to ClickBank and/or Amazon items they can promote using your PLR. I did this recently with a survival/prepper mega wso I ran and people loved that extra bonus. It means they don't have to go looking on their own.

    Oh and lastly, as you build your list, make sure your opt in form has more than name/email - add "topic request" to it and let them tell you what they need.

    Hope this helps!
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    As a buyer of PLR prods., I am always on the lookout of high quality PLR ebooks. So yes, to answer your first question, there will always be buyers for PLR ebooks. People will buy them as it saves them time.
    Personally, I have no preference to either ebook or article so long as they are high quality and it serves my purpose
    Anything in the embarrassing niches will do the trick for me.
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    Tiffany really hit the nail on the head. As to how much people can resell the product for, I think that also depends upon how much 'tweaking' they do to the ebook or additional content they add.

    Professionally produced graphics are nice - but try to give the end user the psd file because using those graphics for the cover or header just brands the book as PLR.
    Content, Video, Infographics in the lucrative relationship market

    Accurate, Researched and REFERENCED
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