Why some buyer open disputes without contacting the seller

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I am very much disappointed on one of my buyers. Today he ordered some SEO service from my site. Within 5 minutes, he placed a dispute. After that he sent me message through Paypal Dispute Page that he wants to cancel the order, so I should issue him refund. He also said that after some days when his website will be ready he will again order same service.

My point is, before placing the dispute he should at least send me one email requesting for refund. I would issue him the refund no problem. But is it good to place dispute without contacting the seller ? Dispute also put ones paypal account in vulnerable condition, everyone should think of it.

What do you think? Is the buyer did right or wrong ?
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    I hate when buyers do that, but the more and more you sell, the more and more you encounter that. I think it is totally not cool. If they have an issue, they should contact the seller first and not file a dispute unless they have not heard back from the seller in a reasonable amount of time. It happens though and I just let it roll. It's a bummer, but don't let it upset you, just keep moving.
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      i think the buyer is absolutely wrong because there was no dispute. paypal is not your business partner to settle these things. they act as a payment processor. that's it.

      the buyer was probably someone who wanted to test out the payment system. i've done that before without actually clicking on the final button to process the payment.

      the buyer probably also knows that dealing with paypal directly gets a faster response and the order will look more like a mistake if he contacts them right after the order was put in.

      you as a seller shouldn't really get worked up over this. this is the game you decided to be in so you have to accept the the things that people do that you may not agree with.

      in other words, take the good with the bad and the bad with the good....

      talking about "respect". you have to show some too with a little understanding that some people don't know the "etiquette" yet and may be new to buying online. who knows. don't jump to conclusions with a closed mind and zero understanding
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    You shouldn't refund his money just because he changed his mind.
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      Originally Posted by T086 View Post

      You shouldn't refund his money just because he changed his mind.
      Refund is not a problem, but this type of buyers should show some respect to the sellers and also should think before placing order. Also should learn manner- how to contact seller and how to request refund for his own fault.
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      You can also avoid this happening again by pointing them to your Refunds Policy or FAQs. And also make sure that they can see it before they buy your products or services.

      So if anyone orders by mistake or blah! blah! they know what to do in order to avoid unnecessary disputes and putting your account at risk!...
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    Maybe the buyer realized he can get the same SEnuke link blast on fiverr all day long for $5?

    Selling shady services to shady people will return shady results.
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      Originally Posted by yukon View Post

      Maybe the buyer realized he can get the same SEnuke link blast on fiverr all day long for $5?

      Selling shady services to shady people will return shady results.
      Samsung Galaxy S4 has both original and clone version with huge price difference, its your decision with whom you want to go.
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    Sometimes you have to roll with idiots like this. I would tell the guy dont even bother ordering the same service because you don't want to serve them.
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    Stupid buyers are everywhere. I sometimes face those while selling on ebay
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    The buyer is now threatening me that he will do something bad with me if I don't refund urgently. This type of guys are just sick and making the marketplace polluted. Be aware of them !!!
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    This is one of those 80/20 moments for the future that was being discussed in other posts...This person falls into that 80% that is not worth your time working for. Make sure when his site is ready, it's double or nothing for the customer base that didn't take a second glance because of this guys' approach!
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    I really don’t like it when buyers do this kind of thing, it really creates lots of problems for the seller.

    Thankfully I have never faced this kind of issue as a seller on Fiverr.
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      Firstly, sorry to hear about this. Unfortunately we cannot please everyone no matter how hard we work so don't worry too much.

      I would however stress how important it is to keep on the good side of Paypal. Keep a strict record of your conversations with this guy and contact Paypal ASAP. Send the transcripts and any associated emails to them. Also send Paypal a copy of your terms and conditions... you do have them in place right? All of this will go in your favor if it comes down to Paypal making any kind of determination. You "could" simply offer a refund but if you haven't done anything wrong and feel you have a good case then all will work out okay for you.

      I hope this helps a little

      Paul Anthony.

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    This really a Bad Think, When Buyer start Disputes without having any communication with seller or Merchant Site from which they buy their services or product. I had also faced this type of issue. One of my buyer had purchased a hosting plan from my hosting site and 1 hour after purchasing the pack, he open a dispute in PayPal and said that he find another host who can give him hosting at cheaper rate than me. Really Ridiculous and its make me angry. I refuse to refund the amount and activated his hosting account. After few days he escalated the dispute to a claim. After that PayPal has sent me an email to put some info about this issue. I replied PayPal that the buyer has purchased a hosting pack and his account is active and there is no issue with the hosting account. After few days PayPal closed the dispute and made a decision in my favor. I think Buyer has learned a lesson from it.

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    Some people are much comfortable with Paypal than with real people. For such people it looks like much more easier to get refund without involving a seller. It is not fair. Try to dispute it.
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    These type of buyers are like : "Refund me otherwise I will tell your mom" . They will never understand that issues can be solved by properly communicating with the merchant or seller.
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    It is a very unfortunate day. It appears to be wrong all the way but there is reasonable arguments for that. The first one is that there are too many scammers around now a days. Even the biggest Guru has this shade covering him/her. The second is that Pay pal has a 30 day time span in which clients are allowed to claim, after which you are on your own. The third one is a combination of ignorance and panic.
    It should be noted that many, if not most customers see venders as shady until proven clean. This proof would be; reasonable time of delivery and accessibility of product and the identity (what you buy is what you get) of product. I purchased a product from an individual who claimed to make millions on line, he was in JV with another vender. My vendor promoted a webinar for his JV partner promoting who was promoting a software called "commission fortress.' This could not do half of what the webinar claimed it could do. This was sold for over $1090 in $545 installments. I got burnt. I had to dispute both products. The first money I got back from click bank, the other I got back $545 and lost the other because of ignorance and scammy vending from the seller. He could not be contacted, did not respond to emails/tickets. I waited for more than I should, and when I decided to dispute it, I got back one installment and lost the other. The Scammers know this, and the will drag their feet until these times expire, it becomes difficult to follow through or the client gets frustrated and leave them alone. So you must understand that transparency is key and trying to weed out the bad weeds from the garden should be every one's effort. Thank you.
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    Who knows how some people really think. If he put in a dispute with paypal, that is no biggie. They know people do this all the time.

    I had one guy who came to my blog from google and bought an ebook package for ten bucks, then he put in a dispute 'instantly'.

    He said that he didn't find the download link.

    I checked to see if my paypal button was working properly and it was.

    This guy might have just closed the page after submitting payment without waiting for paypal to redirect him to the download.

    I instantly sent him the download link directly.

    He then took a few days to reply.

    Then he said 'thanks' and he did get it.

    But this guy still held the dispute open for 7 days more.

    Eventually paypal closed it themselves and I got the funds because he failed to act.

    Just forget about it.

    Some people will put in a dispute for no good reason.

    No big deal.
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