So many programs, how to choose 1 for my needs?

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Hi everyone, when i first started out on this forum almost a year ago I was such a newbie and so lost and had major information overload.

I haven't committed to IM 100% as i would want to mainly because I still don't have a real system to follow that will give me results.

My biggest accomplishment has been to rank a product review site #5 on Google, and generate a few affiliate sales through Amazon.

I enjoy affiliate marketing and that is what i want to focus on, my question is do you guys know of any really outstanding courses that will take me to a whole new level on affiliate marketing? I really want to use paid advertising but i only tend to lose money.

I just don't know from where to get all the pieces together and put them together. I'm looking for a course with good reputation, no matter the price. I'm seriously willing to spend more than $2k on a system that really will show results.

Thank You all so much!
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    A great way to take your business to the next level is to get a one on one coaching course. Most people reach the most success once they get a coach. There are so many great people to learn from it is hard to choose one. The best thing to do is find the program that helped you the most and find out if the owner of the program offers one on one coaching.
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    Truthfully, flip a coin and your experience will begin. Notice I didn't say profits will start rolling in. However, it is an education and that is the start.
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    I agree 100% paulie123, I'd really like to get into a program that will piece everything i need to know with what I know so that i'm educated in a well rounded way.

    tvon, that's just what i need! The thing is, i'm having difficulty with choosing what program/mentors in terms of affiliate marketing i should look into.
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    Nick111 ,Mamadou say there is no way that you are more then a year in this business and ranked a website up to number 5 in google and plus made some sells and you don't know jack about marketing.Mamadou think you just need to believe more in yourself and open your eyes and look at what you already accomplish .
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    I recommend coaching.

    You already know the basics.

    Just find a mentor who is already making money doing affiliate marketing and copy what he is doing.


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    I agree with others. Coaching will be the right thing for you.
    If you want to master paid traffic, there is a few coaches here on the forum, with a good reputation in this filed.
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    Coaching is a great way to leran what you can do with what etc. And then you do learning by doing. I know it looklike bad but you have to do somthing that you learn.
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    Take your $2000 and start experimenting with paid traffic methods you have learned about already instead of messing around with "free" methods or blowing 2k on another course. Guaranteed you will develop a good campaign with that much money if you use it wisely and set your budgets properly and enforce frequency caps with your CPM, PPC and Retargeting efforts.
    Profit Alchemy Inc.
    More traffic... more sales.... more often
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      Originally Posted by eserling View Post

      Take your $2000 and start experimenting with paid traffic methods
      Great way to lose $2,000 fast.

      How can he "use it wisely," "set budgets properly," and "enforce frequency caps?" Those are the things he is trying to learn.

      Coaching/mentoring is a great way to go if you find the right person, i.e., (1) someone who has made consistent money doing what you want to do, and (2) someone who can teach you to do the same.

      You might check out the affiliate forum here at the WF and see what folks are doing and who seems to understand that field best. Choose someone who has been at it awhile.

      Good luck to you.


      Steve Browne, online business strategies, tips, guidance, and resources

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    My suggestion would be to invest in a good coach. He will save you time, and money rather than playing the guessing game. Listen to him and take his advice. If I had to do all over again that's what I would have done.
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    Find a good coach. Many PPC marketers only break even on there campaigns but have complex sales funnels to make a profit on the backend. Putting something like that together will take time/money. Find someone who has a proven track record. You may have to go through 1 or 2 but if you keep moving forward you'll achieve your goals. Good luck!
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      I am going to say the same thing... Find a coach. Ever since I invested in a coach everything has been going up. They will show you exactly what you need to do and on a more personal level to.
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