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What do u guys think about email blasting? Has it worked for you? Is it worth it? If so, what email blasting sites do you use?
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    Its almost always a scam, a sham, and only for the gullible.

    Whenever you see the word "blast" associated with marketing you can pretty much stamp whatever they are hawking as illegitimate spamming... if they even blast anything at all.
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      agreed...waste of resources, just irritates people etc
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        I have not, but I am on the receiving end of "blasts" every day AKA spam...
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    have you ever tried it though?
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      Originally Posted by learnfromthebest View Post

      have you ever tried it though?
      Why would I want to try spamming?

      What you are talking about is sending unsolicited bulk email to a bunch of email addresses of people who do not know you and who did not request for you to email them.

      This is known as spamming.
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    Never do that... It will get you into trouble, definitely.
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    I understand that it would never work for people in IM, but say you send out 10k blasts, you dont think 1 would join your biz opp or buy your product?
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    Email blasting can be effective using a targeted list for a specific niche. Outside of that it has not been very effective for me.

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    yea I received an email from the 1 2 3 powersystem. Looks wayyy to good to be true. 5k leads a day?? That's got scam written all over it. If you don't mind, how much money have you made using the system?
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    I paid $20 to WebTraffic a couple of months ago and haven't seen any results. When you subscribe you also receive all the other emails 'blasted' by other members. I delete mine immediately. I guess, that's what others do when they receive my emails.
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    i like to think about how i would feel about getting spam email and I hate it. Likewise I won't use methods that are blatantly spam, but obvious other have different ethical approaches.
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    I know someone that used to blast.

    The 1st week was amazing. They made around $2k within a few hours.
    The 2nd week they got shut down by their ISP.
    The 3rd week they tried to find another ISP.
    The 4th week they setup everything again at the new ISP and blasted. They only made around $500 that time around. It turned out the domain was blacklisted.
    For weeks 5-7, see weeks 2-4.

    In the end, they lost their domain name, got shut down by 3 ISP's and tried blasting from China (which was useless). After everything was said and done, their email list of $50 milllion was blasted to death and they had very little profit to show since they had spent the bulk of the money on IT related setup costs.

    Leave the "blasting" to the professional bots and top 1%. Find another way...a more solid way, that doesn't require rebuilding your business from the ground up every few weeks. Go write some articles and put some affiliate links up. Or create a product and sell it. Both are long-term strategies that "grow" with time.

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