Anyway to Rank the Youtube Videos on Google

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I have seen that many Peoples here sell the Affiliate Products from Clickbank.

Many of them use Youtube for selling it. For that they have to Rank the Youtube Video on Google.

Is there anyone doing it.

Any method you do to rank them on the Google.

Dont give me the links of the WSO, I dont want it, I want to know if anyone from you have rank the video on google.

Is there anyone who has done it.
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    I used to do it like 3 months ago. Not any more.

    For most keywords, all you need is simple on-video optimization + a couple of fiverr gigs.

    But it all depends on the niche/keyword.

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    Normal back linking and social bookmarking work well on ranking videos. Also video marketing a video still works.

    Want to learn more, read read and read more.

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      Although many people use YouTube to promote Clickbank and other Affiliate offers i personally had my account terminated two years ago for promoting my Amazon sites.

      Lots of people get their accounts terminated,lots of people don`t?

      I suppose its the luck of the draw?

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    I have just found this website that gives some ideas on the topic and its FREE, someone with more time on their hand could actually make this into a wso. P.S i am not affiliated in anyway with the website just sharing the love link is YouTube Marketing Blueprint - from Aidan Booth
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    Put your keyword at title and video file name, also at description then you must give the video backlink.. backlinks is a must to get your video rank higher at google

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