Want some tips for recruiting affiliates for a high end product from a reputed creator

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Hello warriors,
What would be the best way to recruit affiliates and drive more sales for a product that costs around $1000? Its a product in the real estate investment training niche(includes seminar too). The creator of the product is a highly reputed investor/trainer and the product is already a couple of years old. It generates good sales but the target is to maximize even further. I was wondering, as the product is a pricier one, would it be better to first offer an inexpensive product to acquire the list of buyers?

Also, Internet marketing forums like Warrior Forum are great for interacting on products in the IM niche or other similar digital products but what would be the best place to start some interaction with potential affiliates for a product in the real estate niche?

As the product's price is high, would it be fruitful to first have a good deal of online presence for the creator to develop more authority? The creator is already popular in the scene but more exposure might be required in my opinion.

I read some really good threads here but I want to learn more and get the best results possible.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Many Thanks!
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