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I just created a new web sit where I have an optin box for a monthly free give- a-way physical product based upon a monthly raffle. The product is worth about $20.00 and I am willing to do this for list building purposes. Am I in any FCC violation or any advice for compliance? Thanks, Vic.
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    The FCC has NOTHING to do with such things. The FTC DOES. I think that as long as you say there is only a CHANCE of winning, and don't require a payment, you are FINE.

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    aside from the FTC and IRS, check your state laws; gaming divisions. etc.. to see what they have to say about raffels/lotteries/sweepstakes/giveaways/contests

    I remember working for a place about 20 years ago and they held giveaways for existing customers for a free trip. it lasted one round and then it became a hassel, someone that lost (which is 99.9% of the people, probably reported it to the gaming board.

    it was a long time ago, but I remember one of the issues being that the draw had to be monitored somehow, plus they weren't a non-profiit. The value of the trip was an issue also.

    raffles are normally for non profits, and you are clearly planning on doing this for profit
    I am willing to do this for list building purposes

    this is all just my opinion, but.. I guess what I am saying is that it is very easy to do it wrong and has a potential to be a bigger hassle than its worth.

    another thing you'll have to consider are the rules of whatever platform you will be trying to generate those kind of leads from. ex:
    I would avoid doing what you're considering.
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      Why don't your get rid of the raffle idea and just find a related product (or make one up - like an info product) and give it away to every subscriber?

      Sometimes folks feel let down when they don't win a prize and you don't want your prospects associating that feeling with your web site.

      Why not make everyone that joins feel like they just won the lottery?

      Send them all something valuable and free and you will begin to engage your subscribers and start up a positive "giving" relationship.

      Good luck to you,


      Steve Browne, online business strategies, tips, guidance, and resources

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    Hi VicG,

    I agree with what Steve B said. Why mess with the hassle of running a raffle. In my opinion there are other easier ways to create a list. Just have people optin to receive a free ebook, or a free report, or some free software or something. Much less stressful for you my friend. Good luck.

    ~ wmw

    W M Wood

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    For a $20 product you probably won't get anybody complaining about it. Make sure to cover yourself in your terms of service just in case though.

    However, I agree it would be a lot easier to just give away a digital product.
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    Suggestion: You might want to consult a lawyer for legal advice not the forum.
    I might be new to the warrior forum, but I'm not new to business. I own 7 factories in China and is connected to over 3000 more, 37 companies and growing, 200+ websites, 6 houses.
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      Thanks. I meant FTC. Yeah, I should probably offer a free download. This is a site for fishing and I thought a monthly raffle for a quality fishing plug would generate some leads. I guess I'll keep it simple and offer a free download. Thanks for all the replies. Vic.
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