How much is my website worth please?

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I have a website that makes me $450 a month on complete autopilot. Its a sports niche site and I haven't even had to look at it for at least 6 weeks lol. I just keep collecting the monthly checks from Google.
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    You can try paid, godaddy web appraisal, or Sedo.

    And get the best and most accurate.
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    Originally Posted by GaryCarlyle View Post

    I have a website that makes me $450 a month on complete autopilot. Its a sports niche site and I haven't even had to look at it for at least 6 weeks lol. I just keep collecting the monthly checks from Google.
    It depends on many factors such as how the revenue is earned, how many months you've earned that income, intellectual property rights, projection for growth, supply vs. demand, etc. Also if that $450 is your gross earnings or if it's your net income after expenses.

    Generally, a website can be worth 10 to 12x it's monthly earnings (not set in stone). If we use a whole year, your website would be worth around $5,400 if you earned that $450 for a consistent period of time (if that $450 is net and not gross).

    But let's face it, your website will sell at the price at whatever a person (or entity like a corporation or partnership) is willing to pay. Which is why it's good to test the waters and try and sell it on the higher end of the price spectrum to see what the interest level is.

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    I make less than that off my site.

    you should feel damn lucky ! I would let it ride out as long as you can and continue to collect the checks.
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      Thanks its my 3rd attempt. The last 2 iterations got shut down for being illegal even though I had no sports streaming> This time I just have a very simple text site with Google ads. I cant see it ever being shut down. Just improving but Google can be a bit nasty sometimes and their appeal process is pointless.

      UK TV abroad for free:

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        Rod's advice is solid.

        Another approach is to personally contact the top competitor's in your niche and see if they have an interest in your site.

        Do a Google search on the top keywords in your niche, note the sites on the first three pages of Google search for each keyword or phrase, then see if the owners of those sites would like to make you an offer.

        If you have a mailing list that could be an added benefit to anyone in the niche.

        Good luck,


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    Usually, you take into account a full years worth of income with your sales price. But as Rod sad there are more factors then just that
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    A lot of folks place an Ad on FLIPPA, estimating (5 x 10 times) the monthly income. If you are running on autopilot, I probably would keep it.
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    What do you sell in your website actually? I'm really interested with it. Looks like you earned without having so much effort.
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    I'm with Marie on this and have to ask, what exactly is your site promoting? We are all interested in collecting monthly checks so please share!
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    It worth exactly the amount someone ready to pay for it. You can check out Flippa to see how much other similar site getting paid.
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      The topic of website valuations is immensely complex and variant on a number of other factors as noted by other members. Ultimately, within the domain of valuations it really comes down to what is the free cash flow your website is generating which requires consideration of both revenue and expenses.

      Anyone, or any resource, attempting to provide a valuation on the basis of simply typing in a url is likely to be flawed for a number of reasons. For example, how are such services going to have any understanding of the costs of your business? Your business may have scaled very successfully requiring very little cost, or alternatively you may be bleeding cash and ultimately running at a loss on a week by week basis.

      I am more than happy to provide a more detailed analysis of your site but would need some additional metrics / figures
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    If you are thinking about selling it, I wouldn't.

    If this website gets you $450 on auto-pilot and you really don't touch it, then leave it as it is and collect $450 forever.

    Think LONG term. I would. It has more value long term if you think about it.
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      talfighel raises a very reasonable point that if you can get something forever then that's not necessarily a bad thing - this will depend on your investment horizon here as one challenge with the web landscape is that there is considerable risk in the notion of "perpetuity" or "forever" which therefore renders forecasts to infinite quite challenging
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    12 - 16x your monthly income is a good estimate on how much you website is worth.
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      First of all, congratulations on completing such a feat. From one website alone, you have enough to pay a car bill.

      My thinking would be to keep the website and create a collection of others that make that amount (or more).

      However, if you sell it, you need to keep in mind there are three markets:

      1. Those that Talk Bull - People that show intent for paying a high amount but don't. Be careful, because some of these people could start to black hat you. Newbies that fall victims to black hatters could suffer extreme consequences, ranging from closed Paypal accounts to legal problems offline (especially in relation to plagiarism).

      2. Low Paying Customers - For a site like yours, they would pay $0 to $1,000. They can't afford anything else, and to me that is 80% of Americans. The reason they buy is because they want a hobby to cover their lack of income on the job.

      If you decide to offer less than $500, the customer needs to give back with some type of service... writing, Web design, etc. In the olden days, that arrangement could be considered a joint venture.

      I myself would consider making the "stupid" deal, especially if I trust the customer. I have no problems selling a site for less than what I make, if they can offer me 2 or more in return. As long as I'm ahead with my finances, I tend to prefer to let the client win.

      3. High Paying Customers - Most Internet marketers probably prefer this group. They would pay $10,000 or more because they: 1) like your site and 2) like the potential of the Adsense revenue. They probably will want to grow your site beyond what you have right now. With that type of power, the $450 that was made grows into $100,000. It takes a lot to constantly win these customers, but it can be done.
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    There are some website brokers that would say 15-20 times the net. The Empire Flipper guys usually price adsense sites around there.
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