You only have 6 things to do, so get to work!

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Internet marketing and product creation can drive you crazy if you let it. Something that keeps me sane (one of the things anyway), is something called CHUNKING. I believe it has been mentioned before in another post. But I take my BIG tasks…and I break them into smaller tasks. That way I don’t feel so overwhelmed.

For example, I have a product I’m launching mid to late June. There is A LOT of work that goes into making a product, having it approved on ClickBank, getting affiliates, sales copy and blah, blah, blah. BUT! I don’t have to do all of those things in one day. That would be ludicrous. I simply make a list of things that need to get done that day. Usually 6 things. Since I work 6 days a week (okay…7…but I LOVE what I do), I can do 36 to 42 things a week that move me closer to my goal. If I work 6 days a week…that’s 144 items complete in a month.

That’s 432 items in 3 months…and 1728 items a year! CRIKEES! That’s a lot of work! But…it’s only 6 things a day right?

And…do you know what makes up a successful life? A series of successful years, months and days. And how is one to accomplish that? Just chunk it down…and get to work.

And on that note, that completes # 4 on today’s list. Read and comment on the WF.



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    So... basically a daily to-do list, right?

    A lot of people view themselves as lazy or as incurable procrastinators, while they're just trying to sort through their own head all day long. Once they learn to organize and make lists, things fall in place again.

    If my interpretation is correct - viewing this as a to-do list - then I'd like to add this:
    A to-do list is not a bullet list of duties. Instead, it's an action list. Something you can do right now and finish today. Something tangible, specific, something doable...

    Congrats on finishing #4!
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    That's right!

    It's all about getting the important things done no matter what

    Once you have everything written down all the stress of wondering
    where to turn completely goes away!

    It is the seconds, minutes & hours we spend that are what makes our

    There is no need to get overwhelmed and you'll be amazed at what we
    can achieve once we have a clear & defined plan in place.

    Just keep ticking off those lists & see your business GROW!

    All the best & great post

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    Nice post. I agree with what you say, plus you get a sense of achievement more, i.e. one task to create a product means one sense of achievement upon completion where as bite sized chunks of 40 or so tasks means you get that feeling 40 times. Simple but effective.

    I had this outlook at school, university and work. However, I made no money online when I started out in IM because I wasn't approaching things in the same way. So I started making action plans, setting targets, to do lists etc.Like I say, simple but effective. Once I started to do that I started to make money.

    I made a WSO around this subject too, double win.

    Keep it up man and good luck with the launch.
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    Thanks Shane.

    I find that with any project, there are elements that I HATE doing and do not enjoy. I do these first.

    That way, when that is done, I only have the things to do that I enjoy doing. Makes a difference.

    (My first eBook, I created the sales page, got the eBook covers designed, set everything up etc - however, i hadn't even written the eBook - DOH!)
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      Originally Posted by Romeo90 View Post

      Thanks Shane.

      I find that with any project, there are elements that I HATE doing and do not enjoy. I do these first.

      That way, when that is done, I only have the things to do that I enjoy doing. Makes a difference.

      (My first eBook, I created the sales page, got the eBook covers designed, set everything up etc - however, i hadn't even written the eBook - DOH!)
      Eat That Frog man! Good point Romeo. I learned that technique from Brian Tracy years ago. Now that I think about it, I've been using that technique ever since I was a little kid. Example: You have to eat your vegetables right? a kid I would scarf down my vegetables quickly (and still do), wash them down with my drink...then enjoy the rest of my meal.

      So if you have 6 tasks that MUST be done today. Then do the one you really don't like that much first. That way, the rest of your tasks are enjoyable.

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    Having coached dozens of people through creating and
    launching products, I find that many are excellent at
    planning and making to-do list... even chunking, but for
    some reason many hesitate to just DO IT.

    As Paul Lemberg points out in his EXCELLENT book,
    "Be Unreasonable" we know what to do.... so just do

    You are correct in that breaking it down into bite-sized
    pieces makes it feel less imposing... but so many people
    still just won't get started


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    Daily to-do's are very important. I have a list I jot down each day and that visual aid of seeing me check off what I need to do, helps get me through the day without going crazy.

    Very nice
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    I disagree. Focus on the ONE thing that produces the most results. Knock it out of the park. Then, and only then, do ANOTHER 1 thing. It's all about priorities. Confusion leads to paralysis.
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    Great tips Shane, thanks
    I find it also easier to tackle a huge job if I break it into 'chunks'. Right on
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    Yes, it is all about making plans and schedules based on priorities and sticking to them.
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    nice way of thinking!
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    I think that this thread is more appropriate for the Mind Warriors - Success, Power, Self-Improvement forum.

    Regardless, yes, chunking is a age old form of time management that works really well. It works better with our brains that way since we work better when we compartmentalize data. It also helps us avoid "Parkinson's law", which is what slackers are really susceptible to.
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    Good advice that work for everybody. Using daily planner or diary helps a lot and remove headache what to do next.
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    I have 6 things to make for breakfast, my list for today is huge! haha.
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    I like the idea of chunking. When you break it down to smaller tasks it makes accomplishing a bigger tasks much easier. It is not so overwhelming when you take it one step at a time.
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    I'm terribly lazy, so I like to add in a little delayed gratification when possible.

    No checking my PayPal account until I answer all my emails.
    No facebook before checking Google Analytics.
    No mucky videos until I finish that blog post.

    and so on and so on...
    Stylish, affordable web design, translation and copywriting.
    I'm available for hire...
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    GREAT. People need to hear this. Make small, attainable goals compared to one big, intimidating one.
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    I think that is why it's so easy to get distracted and pulled into other things...we just need to focus. I have all too many times thought I should complete huge tasks in one day and then I would get discouraged when I couldn't measure up! I use the WunderList app on my iPhone to create a daily to do list and then I get the satisfaction of ticking them off as I complete each one....just a smidge ocd over here! lol
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    I'm glad you finished #4. I'm often too lazy to make a daily too do list and actually go through with it, but I know its what I need to do. I'll have to try it one of these weeks, probably next week since my new website is finally coming online, and I'll have a lot to do.

    Thanks for the advice
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    Whenever you start a new project you have a lot of work. I agree that you have to organize and share your tasks.

    A little bit of work per day preparing and completing a new project is something you can do, besides doing many other things.

    Everything is difficult and discouraging when you think about all the steps you have to follow until you will put this project into practice.

    You should have in mind that putting a new project into practice is a gradual process. A new project is not a mountain you have to climb in one day.

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      Hello warriors!

      Shane, thanks for putting third thread together. Its so very true that if you want a successful life all you need to focus on is making your current hour successful. I have always followed this principle and believe very strongly in it. Then again there are things you would want to accomplish in that one hour and you would know for sure your resources would not allow you to do that, that's when you start thinking outside the box to make it happen, prioritize actions and get the ball rolling. End result....your business grows, your business partners benefit, you grow as an individual and everything moves one small step in the right direction.

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