My Domain Earns $ Can I Sell It!!?

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Hi guys. I'm a lurker and don't post here much. Just wanted an idea of what I should do with my domain. I have a domain with a simple redirect to an affiliate offer I am promoting. So far this year the domain has had $4000 in commisions, and in may alone it's had 4500 visitors. Most of the traffic comes from SE and forum posts. It's also earned good the past 3 years+ Can a domain like this be sold? If so for how much? Also, what can I do to get more value out of the domain.

Thanks in advance for the answers that I hopefully will receive!
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    Sure, if you can provide rock solid proof of income and traffic, you can sell it. Best bet would be on Flippa. Buyers there are always looking for domains/sites with revenue.
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      Absolutely, keep records, and provide screen shots of the income and traffic it produces.
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    Yes I have rock solid proof of the income, and its a very competitive niche. Ive worked so long in the niche that I'm actually a little bored of it and would like to start some other projects. Anyways thanks so much for your input!
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    Yes of course you can sell it, on sites such as Flippa.

    But, why would you WANT to sell something that brings in a little money for no work?????

    I recently got offered a sum for my eBook and membership video course, totally unsolicited and I don't even know if it was a genuine offer - but why would I want to do it when I make an income from it near enough every single day?
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    Well the only traffic records I have is my affiliate account visits, which is alot, but as far as income proof I have my affiliate account numbers, and also tax records. So I think this covers the proof I hope. My problem is, I have zero experience flipping/selling sites. So I don't even know where to begin honestly. I guess flippa is a good start. Anyways thanks so much!
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    Yes.. It does make a decent income and it really does feel good to see income put in my bank every week. But I've had this site for so long, I just feel like expanding, creating my own products. I feel I have a pretty good idea now how to get good traffic to offers, so I'm just thinking of having my own products created and having affiliates promoting for me.

    Anyways I am just thinking outloud, as I haven't even decided to sell the site (because it really is like my baby lol). It really does bring in money on automatic and I'd hate to give that up. Anyways Thanks again!
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