Creating Customized Web Page Templates in Wordpress??

by Jeff W
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Creating Customized Web Page Templates in Wordpress??

Quick question folks...

I'd like to create a product showing someone how to create a few of the typical Internet marketing web pages (sales page, thank you page, squeeze page, download page, etc.) but how to make these changes using Wordpress.

Now, my question is: Is it simply (?) a matter of getting a designer to design these web page 'templates' for me and then uploading them to Wordpress and then my customers being able to make changes to them - text, fonts, etc.
(I'd supply the templates to my customers for free but of course my product would revolve around not only showing them how to alter their pages using WP but also how to actually create the copy, layout, etc. that goes into creating effective Internet marketing web pages in the first place).

I own Optimize Press and have tried various themes and plugins but the problem is... I can't have a situation where my customer is first needed to buy something like Optimize Press or Profits Theme at $97 'before' going through my training.
I've tried some a couple of other slightly less fancy themes and plugins (e.g. - Instabuilder) but none of them seems to come even close to the quality of say Optimize Press in terms of the attractiveness of the page designs.

So, being rather new to Wordpress, is what I mentioned above (hiring a designer, uploading templates) my 'best' option here? Or does anyone know of a good quality web page builder (Internet marketing kind of pages) theme or plugin for Wordpress that is cheap or free (oxymoron anyone?? lol :p ) - the cheap part of of course being appealing to customers) that will allow to do what I'm trying to pull off here?

Thanks folks!
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