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I needed 2 more sales to increase my Amazon referral rate for the month of May...

So many times I have fallen just short but this time I got them right at the death. Good Times!
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    Well done Paul.

    I have a website that sells a cheap item quite well, and usually gets my numbers of sales up, so that when I sell expensive items, I get the higher commission rate.
    In fact, that is the sole purpose of that particular sales line. It is to ensure that my main Amazon websites get a better commission on sales of the high priced items.

    You've just got to find that cheap item to make it work.
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    Don't afraid to fail. We are human and failure is natural. Without it, we can never progress as an individual or a business leader. Some people think failure is bad. I believe that every failure can only build a better person and better understanding of what will work. Don't try to prepare or prevent it. Expect failure to happen in your business and learn from it.
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    Grats! Now keep doing what you're doing, just on a larger scale. And don't lose focus.
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      I just bought Combozon ComboZon Pro | ComboZon Amazon Product Bundler WordPress Plugin (Affiliate link)

      There is also a standard (non pro) version:

      It is a great way to bundle low priced items to get your sales numbers up.

      ComboZon is a custom Amazon ad creator that allows you to bundle together different products into a single ad and Amazon affiliate link.

      It lets you search for products, edit and preview your ads all at the same time. In fact, you actually get a live ad preview while you work, so the design process is quite sleek.

      ComboZon is also three products for the price of one - you get a WordPress plugin, a Web Edition and a Facebook App.

      With ComboZon you can promote combinations of multiple products bringing you more commissions.

      Free Membership to Traffic Generation

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