Pdf Stamping - Do You Sell Pdf's? Check Out This Anti Theft Method

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I like e-junkie.com and use them. I just saw they had this pretty cool way to discourage people sharing your pdf's after they buy and download them:'

E-book security via PDF stamping (a DRM alternative)

basically, we can now stamp the buyer's name, e-mail and the transaction ID on the top-left of each page of the PDF before the download.
Unlike DRM, this is a simple, non-intrusive way to discourage buyers from sharing their PDFs.

Purchase a test PDF for $0.00 at https://www.e-junkie.com/ecom/gb.php...03&cl=37&ejc=2

Although we have tested it with various kinds of PDFs, we still consider it an an experimental feature and we recommend that you enable it for only one your products first, do a test purchase (create a 100% discount code and checkout for $0.00), see how your PDF is coming out and if you are happy with the results over the next few days, enable it for your other PDFs.
pretty cool eh?
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