Email address's - any value?

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Hi all,

Just a quick question are email address's in this day and age of any value?

My question being without individuals subscribing to your list, what opportunities do you have by having an individuals email address? Or even take it to the next level and say you had a million email address's, with the amount of spam protection and different ratings of emails, even with a slow send out what benefits does the common email address give you?

I'm curious as to what these people do with the so called millions of email address's they steal from big corporate accounts?
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    Normally, they send out offers and send out solo ads and ofcourse new products and affiliate program from various systems and some of them do get caught up in the spam and some escape.

    Therefore, Having a million email address which is active and will not necessarily get into spam will actually take it to atleast 100 sale or might be a 1000 sale if the product is of interest to the audience.

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      In my opinion it's a waste of time.Those email addresses you can find online or been sold have been used thousands of times. The value of those email addresses are very low. You need to get fresh email addresses from your signup form by giving away free ebook,free service etc.

      That's my opinion.
      Good luck
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    if they are highly targeted and can be very effective. If you sell shrimp nets and you have a list of shrimp boat owners it is possible to devise a campaign that is likely to elicit a response.generally a smaller but targeted list will be more successful well a larger list is going to get flag for spam and you'll have trouble getting it delivered.
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      Having a stolen list of e-mail addresses has zero value, unless you're on the dark side scamming people or selling viagra, because that seems to still work somehow.

      If you have a list that is all built by your own website and campaigns, you are in charge of how valuable your target audience is.

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        If you have any thoughts about purchasing a large number of email addresses in order to make money from it, most folks here will tell you that it is not the way to make money. Instead, it may well hurt your reputation as a marketer, could get your email account shut down, and turn a lot of folks against you in future projects.

        Most such lists have the following negative characteristics:
        • They were scraped from the Internet (hence, randomly collected)
        • The list members haven't given you permission to contact them
        • The list is "cold" and extremely hard to get anyone to respond
        • Many of the email addresses will no longer be valid
        • They will not be targeted to your offer and will not result in sales
        • The list may have been sold hundreds or thousands of times already
        • Most of the people on the list will know they didn't ask you to contact them, hence, you will be labeled a spammer
        • You have no proof (like an IP address and time stamp) that these were opt-ins
        I'm sure there are other reasons not to purchase bulk email addresses ... but the bottom line is ... you are not going to make money from them and you stand a good chance of suffering negative consequences if you try to.


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    I agree with those saying it's a waste of time.

    The people would be completely untargeted. Those who actually read the email would most likely mark you as spam. By the end of the first day, you'd most likely have your autoresponder shut down for spam.

    Another thread was recently started about someone planning to buy clicks from a list of 700,000. Almost everyone that replied to the thread said it was a complete waste of time and money. You can read more about it at

    "Failure is feedback. Feedback is the breakfast of champions." -Fortune Cookie

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    Don't waste your time buying email list
    or scrapping them,people are sick of them.
    You risk being prosecuted for spamming

    Email lists you have created with permission based optins
    can be very valuable, but they need to be specific to peoples needs.
    Create a relationship with your subscribers and recomend products relevant
    to them and you will make sales.It really is that simple but not simple to do
    Good Luck
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