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I have always been an adsense guy and have developed a system that allows me to make around $1000 a month with an hour or two a day of work. I decided to write a report outlining what i do. It is a 2055 word report and now that i have written it i am confused what to do with it. It does offer my full plan and has some affiliate links of products i use a recommend. It is nothing earth shattering but would definatley help the newbie.

1. sell it as a WSO to adsense beginners for $10

2. Offer it for free on my blog and build a list. ( the best option i would assume but i have no follow up marketing material and am kinda over whelmed by this)

3. Sell it via pay per click (not to keen on this)

4. Publish it as a hubpage or squidoo lens.

I am not sure what i should do. This would be the first time i tried to make money other then adsense and some simple afilliate article marketing.

I was also wanting to get it reviewed but am paranoid i will send it to the wrong person and they will steal it from me. Paranoid yes but ihave learned there are some desperate people in the world!!
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    Once you sell it anyone could steal it if they wanted too.
    It doesn't seem a high enough price point for PPC.
    I'd offer it as a WSO and see if there's any interest, or use it as link bait / list building if you can monetize that.

    Maybe even better to figure out your strategy BEFORE you write the report, eh?
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    I would offer it as a WSO and if its a good report you may pick up some affilites as well.

    In fact if you have a good sales system set up Like RAP or 7 dollar script you could advertise in your wso that affiliates can get 100% commissions.

    I would stay away from PPC unless you have more expereince with conversions and you have money to burn.

    Frank Bruno
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      Here is a view from someone looking at this from the outside, someone that doesn't run a web site yet or do any internet marketing at this time as I am still trying to gather information and decide what to do, so take this for what it is worth.

      You say you have links to products that you use. If these are not affiliate links, then what are you thinking. I get the impression you don't consider the worth or length of this item to be high enough value/price for any big sale so PPC is probably out. I believe your best shot is to get as many copies out there as you can, and to do that I think that giving it away is the best alternative. But your links need to be there to monetize this process. If you are not making any commission from the links, then change them to something that will pay you.

      The main purpose to giving it away is to be able to take the list and use it to monetize the project. I don't know what you sell, but even if you don't sell anything, find something that you can promote to this list to make some money.

      I don't know what kind of list you can generate from this, but if there is one report in you, there must be another. You are on your way to your first million, I can see it now. But you have to get your first hundred before you get your first thousand, etc. Go for the gusto. I know you can do it.

      And if you still want it reviewed, sometimes you have to take a chance. If you haven't found enough folks here that you believe you can trust, then you need to pay a little more attention. I think most folks here are honerable. And if someone takes your product and uses it for their own purposes, you will not be the first, or the last. Just take precautions and do your best to monetize it as you can. You can't open a 7/11 without someone stealing a candy bar or something from you. But that doesn't stop them from making money with 7/11 stores. Pay more attention to what can go right and work on that. The stuff that will go wrong will go wrong with out any help from you.

      So this was my $0.02 worth. Take it for what it was worth. Good luck. Don't forget us all when you are rich and famous. :-)

      Tim Pears

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