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I just want to ask what's the best way to start IM business / "earning money" journey?



Or other ways?
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    I would do a little research and find out what kind of marketing fits you and what you may want to do. There are so many things you can do.

    I have seen people be very successful in CPA, SOLO Ads, Affiliate Marketing, Product Creation, etc... You have to find out what make YOU tick and then GO FOR IT.

    THEN once you have a base knowledge of what it is you have an interest in, then find someone that can coach you in what you are wanting to do. There are multiple different levels of coaching. There are really good video series that you can buy and show you things step-by-step. Then there are group coaching where the price is normally cheaper and you are being coached live within a group, normally over a webinar. Then you have your high ticket one-on-one coaching packages. I suggest having at least a base knowledge of your topic of interest before buying a high ticket coaching package so then you can make the most of the money you spent.

    Good luck with your journey!
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    Originally Posted by b3t1m0s View Post


    I just want to ask what's the best way to start IM business / "earning money" journey?



    Or other ways?
    Truly say, its ur choice to find the right way. Coaching, tutorials, eTraining etc has different different dynamism. First I like to suggest u to go through the posts of Warrior Forums especially in "Main Internet Marketing Discussion Forum", ask questions, read the answers carefully and then step forward to coaching or other. Take time to make a good decision.
    Hope ur success!!

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    Identify your interest
    Do the market research and find out the competition
    Select a niche that interests you has less competition but more space to grow
    Register a domain most suitable to your niche
    Design and develop a website accordingly

    In my view, these should be the beginning steps for any Internet Marketer.

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      what will make the difference for you is getting around successful marketers who will pull you up. so coaching, mentors, accountability partners are advisable.
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    There are 100+ ways to make money but If you want to do it for long term Rather than picking up the pennies, I would suggest you to go for List building. Its a Long term process But Highly profitable for sure, Some people thinks its an helping hand for their website or product or business But I think its alone a business when Created successfully, can Open up flood gates.

    Good luck!
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  • Get a COACH like Tristan Bull! That's the fastest and systematic way to build a solid foundation and get you earning money in the long term.
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    Yes I second that. Figure out a way to build a big list of customers who know you, like you, and trust you. That way you can send email and make money. But you have to be a real person and treat people right.

    That would probably be going down the product creation path, but then you can always sell things as an affiliate, but sell things you actually believe in.

    The key thing is to find a market for what you're interested in selling. The wrong question is, "What do *I* want to sell..." because it starts with you. The right question is, "What are *they* already buying?"

    Anyway, good luck. It's a long hard road for most because they have the wrong expectations, I'm a victim myself. It's important to discover what is actually working and what to actually expect from the effort you put in, and not expect everything to go swimmingly the first time you do something.

    Pretty much I've learned that everything I do is somehow going to find a way to blow up in my face, or something will go wrong one way or another, and it always will, so I just do my best to fix it and move on with my priorities.
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    I recommend picking up a popular WSO and taking action until your successful.

    Then you can move on to coaching etc.


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    Definitely a good route would be to build a list for a niche that interests you and that you have a good understanding of. It no doubt will be discouraging in the beginning but a few years down the road you will be thanking yourself for doing it, because you could then market your own products, or other affiliates products related to your niche list.
    You could also have a membership site, where you receive a monthly recurring income, and in return offer them a service which you could easily outsource to people like virtual assistants in foreign countries for very cheap - so basically you do nothing and get monthly income!
    Honesty you don't need to know that much about the Internet and Internet marketing to be successful, you just need to know how to leverage the Internet to your advantage by combing it with what you know already and with what you have to offer.
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    I'm just begining to learn about IM too and I must say that I haven't decided on the right apraoch wither. I read a lot of posts on this forum, but I am considering looking for a coach to explain the grey areas to me, I think it's rather difficult to learn only from reading the forum, because most members are very specific in their posts and if you are unexperienced it's difficult to follow.
    So, I would go for a coach, bu after I read more on my own.
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    There are many methods in Online marketing but i would suggest you pick one method, practice, implement and perfect it until it is profitable and move to the next method. I believe you can handle all the methods at one point but you have to concentrate on one at a time when starting out.
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    One of the easiest ways to make money online or start an internet business that will be successful is to look for someone who has done really well online and get their coaching so that they teach you on what works and what doesn't.

    The sad part about most of the products online is that the guys and ladies there preach on how to make money online but they don't do what they preach.

    I hate it when some wannabe "mentors" will tell you do to something and they don't do it themselves.

    There are some great mentors out there but my problem with them is that they teach marketing stuff that they don't use themselves but still tell their teams that it still works in today's online marketing world.
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    Check out free WSO's if you're not interested in spending a lot of money at first.

    In the War Room you will also find excellent business models available.

    We have a free model available you can get on Fortynines com.

    It's easy to get flooded with information about all the different types of concepts you can use to make money online and that will only confuse you more than neccesary. Try and stick to one single concept in the beginning and then try to make that work.
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      Be careful in the War Room though.
      I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.
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    To start your IM journey is by looking at your own strength. If you think you have none that is useful in IM, then research on which skill best fits you for IM and start to learn from there. the learning curve will be shorter than if you want to strengthen your weakness. Hopes this helps a bit.
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    Good luck with your journey.
    Don't get overwhelmed because it is very easy to get distracted!
    Pick one method and only one method and see if works for you.
    If yes be persistent and stick with it.
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    Originally Posted by b3t1m0s View Post


    I just want to ask what's the best way to start IM business / "earning money" journey?



    Or other ways?
    Hi there,

    I'd recommend that you pick one thing that appeals to you. Pick a tutorial or course you think is good. I did the John Chow programme and it's awesome. Once you have enough knowledge, go ahead and work it. Work it until you drop ! Work on it until you start making some money. You really want to know the ins and outs of whatever you've chosen. Once, this is succesfull, move onto another thing. Could be anything from CPA to MLM etc.

    The most important thing is to choose a course that appeals to you. Give 110%, learn and implement until you get some results and gradually build up your knowledge, expertise and start seeing some proper money. Consistency is key, so you really want to dig in to make it work.

    Good luck with it all.

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    Which direction you decide to go is more of a personal decision and really depends on your learning style. Regardless of which way you decide to go, you have to make sure that you stay focused. Don't start with one thing and then move onto another just because it didn't work as fast as you wanted.
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    i am in the same boat as you OP, i am new to this, totally (first post!) i haven't done anything yet, but i have caught on to the IM concept, and now i am looking at all the different websites i come across with different eyes so to speak.

    on every website you now visit, ask yourself: how is this site making money? and things start to fall into place.

    go about your daily business with that mentality and just research this forum i'd say.
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    In my opinion finding a coach is the best option, copying what works will more thank likely give you the results you desire, providing you put in the work obviously. I have been struggling for a couple of years trying to do things myself, but I bit the bullet and paid for a top quality course with fantastic support and I have learnt more and got so much done in the 2 weeks I have been on this course.
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    Sometimes all you need for a new idea is to read an old book.


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    What route you take really depends on what fits you or where your interests lies in. Right now, you should expose yourself to different money making methods (Read about them online or here on the WF) before making an informed decision. Remember, theres no one 'perfect' way to earn money online. There are more popular routes though like list building as others have suggested to you, I would recommend it as well but It's up to you (If you go this route check out Alex Jeffreys on the WF).

    On an ending note though, whatever route you choose be sure to stick to it and dedicate yourself to it no matter what. Don't be distracted by other making methods and new programs/WSO/softwares (They come out by the hundreds everyday, you can't do/read them all).

    Wish you all the best

    Caleb Prince

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    1)Know basics about all the money making methods
    2)Decide which method best suits your skills and you enjoy doing it.
    3) If you are like me who likes taking challenges, then there is enough information available for free on most of the money making methods, you can start on your own! But if you want to play safe and achieve goals faster, then i suggest you to find a mentor who is making good $$ in the field you are interested in and take his guidance.
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    You have to understand that making money online is a real business and you need to treat it as that. If you treat it anything less than a real business, then you will have an even harder time to succeed.

    Also, the members above have given great advices. Don't despair if the answers are not as direct as you want it to be. The same as a brick and mortar business, when you ask what business should I do, you will get all sorts of responses which are all correct. In the end it is up to you to look within , examine urself and see which method/industry you can stick to.
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    This is what I suggest you do. Get your hands on whatever free material you get on the web. There are plenty here on the warrior forum, and a simple Google search would get you tons of information too.

    Now, read through all of them, the different methods of making it in IM, different methods of bringing traffic (because traffic is a must in almost all the methods) and so on.

    Now, you'll have an idea of the different methods. Choose 1 or 2 you like from them. This could be something like video marketing, list building, kindle, blogging etc. Then, search for courses on those topics. Choose 1 or 2 courses that have really good reviews and are within your budget. Read them and apply them.

    Don't give up if you don't get results immediately. Keep on reading about that topic so you are up to date. This way, if something is not working, you'll know how to twist the method to make it work.

    I guess that's it. Don't go buying courses on everything related internet marketing. You'll just waste money and would not have achieved anything. Do what I said, and you'll eventually start earning money on that one method that you chose. Then, you can expand to other methods.
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    As has been noted above, there are a LOT of different ways to go. Jump in and get a little experience, see what you like and don't like. Don't be afraid to fail, just fail quickly so that you can move on to something else.
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    Best of luck with your journey.

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    People like to learn from the experts. If you are an expert in your line of work/experience then this would a be a great place to start.

    Sell yourself through a blog and yes you could even have a private/members only fee forum or groups where you teach people and give out advice as an expert.
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