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by HonWai
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Hi guys, I'm building list and I'm always on the search of ways to build a list. And I heard about Media Buying recently, and they said it's a way to build a list...

I try to get to know the whole picture of Media Buying, this is what I understand so far...
To do media buying, we need to have banner, and the banner will direct to a squeeze page when someone click on it. And then find a platform, buy the platform to show the show the banner on the site for few days.

Is it how it works?
Is it going to be a big project to do media buying? I mean we can't do it by ourselves, we have to outsource along the process...
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    Just purchase adds placements from by media buying companies.

    Create a banner and a squeeze page.

    In general, media buying is cheap.


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    Media buying is not that easy and you need at least few thousands of $ to start profiting. Mostly you will just burn first 1000$ to test things, even big media buying networks need deposits of min 500$ to start so if you have money then go for it else start with PPV or PPC first and learn banners/monetizing things and then go to media buying, yes it is cheap but only for those that know what they are doing.
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    Thanks Gary, Thanks Mike, thanks for the advise...

    ya, for now I'll use PPC to build my list, and learn little by little about media buying too
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    HonWai media buying is just buying ads on sites
    I have dome it in the bast and am about to do a small bit again as well as PPC

    One of the main problems I have found with it is you cant geo-target and this has caused me problems in the past is a platform where you can buy ads generally at a fix term price or at a cpm rate. CPM can range from 0.25 to $10
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    Yes, the media-buying process needs negotiation and a few other skills. Media buyers enjoy an intense, fast-paced job. They must be strategic in how they work their client’s budget to ensure that they get the exposure in the right market at the right time.
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    You got the idea... PPC is media buying, leveraging apps is very good. People download free apps to their phone and ads will show up on the app. Traffic for pennies....
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