How do you get reviewers for your WSO?

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I have a WSO that I want to launch but I want first get a few reviews. A long time ago people used post in the main WF forum asking for reviews but I think that's frowned on now (but I could be wrong).

How do you get reviewers for your WSO?
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    You could try asking people to review your product to get an idea of how good people think its is use the feedback to create a better product then aSk for permission to use the reviews.
    Good luck
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      I'd directly contact people who you feel are positive, constructive, motivated and interested in your niche and offer them review access to your product.

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    Better to contact people you have previous interactions with on this forum and offer few review copies to them..
    Once your WSO is on, you will be then getting more fresh reviews from buyers..
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    Simple, pm people who are viewing your profile and offer them your product to review. That was the method i use and i got good feedback.
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      Originally Posted by IMsam View Post

      Simple, pm people who are viewing your profile and offer them your product to review.
      That's PM spam. That's something you shouldn't do.

      This question has a factual answer, and it's "post here": Wanted - Members Looking To Hire You . You see all those threads there with titles beginning with the words "[Reviewers Wanted]"? That's the answer.

      If anyone imagines that sending Warriors private messages offering them a free product in exchange for a review is a correct or a sensible thing to do, this thread may interest them:

      I think it's acceptable to do that in your signature-file, as well.

      It's also acceptable to impose whatever conditions you want on people requesting "review copies", such as "members of at least a year's standing", "members with 100+ posts other than WSO reviews", or whatever you like.

      You can also offer "review copies" in the WSO thread itself (but if you don't, it isn't allowed for people to request them in the WSO thread).

      Don't forget that when a review has been incentivized (including with a "review/free copy"), it needs to mention that fact openly.
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    Look for bloggers in your niche and extend your product to them for review free and than kindly ask them for a review. If your product is good it can lead to opt-ins and sales. This is one of my best strategies that yields results.
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    As others have alluded to without coming out and saying it, direct the review copies to people who are going to say something positive. One popular method is to trade positive reviews with other WSO sellers. Shady, yes, but the thread wouldn't be complete without mentioning it.

    Those kind of reviews IMO are low quality though. They tend to sound like sales text. You could possibly try contacting a few people that left reviews late in a WSO thread (increasing the likelihood that the review is genuine) and ask them to do it.
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    Best way is to ask those that you admire and that are active reviewers. Some people might just ask you for a review copy also. You can also use many JV promotion websites to help you promote your product.

    keep moving forward

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