How do you market on fiverr?

by s0fia
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I'm thinking of making extra money on sites like fiverr. How will I market my services? There are so many sites like fiverr so how do people find you? Is it the same concept as marketing for your blogs or do I have to write articles to drive traffic to my fiverr gig? Or do I just post my gig and hope someone will find me. Sorry for all these questions, I hope someone chimes in and if you have experience marketing your services using these sites please add your 2 cents, thanks.
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    Why try to market your services and compete with others on fiverr when you could charge what your work is really worth? You need to stand back and evaluate the time it will take you to provide that service including the back and forth with the client, delivery of the service, etc. Is that time really only worth $5 to you? If it's anything over about 10 minutes then that time should be worth more to you than $5.
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      Well, I have an idea about something and it shouldn't take me more than 10 minutes. Fiverr is not something I want to do long term. I just want people to find me but don't know how.
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    People will have to be searching for your talent in order to find you on Fiverr.

    Nothing wrong with making a start there but you probably will remain stagnant. You might be lucky and get recurring clients but they wont pay you any more than $5.

    Consider your talent and setting up a website to market it. If it's writing and don't want to start with a blog, consider freelancing and if you're really good (and can bear the pain of never receiving credit) consider ghostwriting opportunities as well. I think Fiverr should be your last resort.

    Oh, maybe check out the Warriors for Hire section! Might be something there for you
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    If you don't want lady luck to market for you, there are a few ways you can market your fiverr gigs. A email list is a great way to promote your gigs, you can say something like this "Huge Sale on my Service, Everything is $5". Another great way to promote is by using your sig on forums. If your a active member and people need what you offer you'll definitely get orders. The last way if you have the money is to advertise on high traffic websites/forums.

    Hope this helps with your fiverr venture.
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      It depends on what type of service you're offering on Fiverr. Try searching for existing services that are similar to what you're offering to see how popular they are. Services such as mobile website design are in great demand and you won't need to promote your gig to start getting orders, although the amount of work required to do this is not really worth $4 (Fiverr keeps $1 from each sale). Adding a tip gig can help to increase your income as customers will usually be willing to send you a tip if the work is good.
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        you have to promote your gig like you would your website;

        1- create youtube video
        2- write article
        3- promote on facebook
        4- promote on squidoo
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    The key on Fiverr is automatization. You basically post as many different gigs as you can, write compelling descriptions for them, use a video if you can, and sales WILL start coming in.
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    Is not that easy especially for starters if you don't provide an unique type of gig. You have to use forums, perhaps buy some media space or try advertise on facebook.
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    Fiverr is a market place like any other.

    You have your gig page (sales page). Just promote it as you would promote a regular sales page.

    But you are very limited with Fiverr compared to having an offer in a website you own.


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