[HELP ME] How to increase CTR for affiliates site?

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i have a few mini affiliates sites and I'm not yet satisfied with their CTR performance. only got around 13% or so.

How do we optimize CTR? Can u suggest any recommendation? Plugins? Theme or anything? One is bodybuilding and the other is a weight loss niche.

help me will ya?
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    I'm not sure what you're goal is but to me... 13% is pretty damn good. I assume you mean you have blogs where cold traffic is landing on your site and clicking through to one of your affiliate offers??

    Are you building a list before sending them off to the affiliate offers? That's one way to increase your overall visitor value.
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    - What is your traffic sources?

    - What are your landing pages like? Wordpress sounds like?

    - How are design skill looking?

    Your best bet is to just share your page, and have everyone give you a lot of feedback!
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    Originally Posted by amirzulkafli View Post

    i have a few mini affiliates sites and I'm not yet satisfied with their CTR performance.
    I never think about it. The people who click affiliate links on my websites and buy a product have almost always got to it by following something in an email I've sent them, having subscribed at an earlier visit to the site, so I'm concerned about the opt-in rate, not the click-through rate. Just my perspective: I sell mostly ClickBank products, so it's naturally the CTR of my emails that determines my income, not the CTR through my websites: http://www.warriorforum.com/main-int...marketing.html
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    13% is pretty good - especially if you dont have an email list. This is the kind of number that you would see with an email list. You should try building a list and testing the results from there. But if the revenue made from email marketing doesn't earn you as much money from mini affiliate sites... might as well keep doing what you're doing.
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    13% is very god for CTR
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    You can try to use exit popup plugin.
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