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So I set up this site a few days ago, and everything looked fine. Thing is when I got to work and tried to check the site out, I couldn't see the entire index page. All I can see is the header site title and the topic title of the latest post and that it. No sidebar nothing. Thing is when I'm at home I get no problems.

Can you please tell me if you are having the same problem or if the problem is with the PC at work. Thanks.
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    Have you saved everything? it might have occured that you havent saved everything..
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    Would help if you told us if its a wordpress site, if your using plugins and the website address.

    Alot of time it can be the computer your on, but when ever I build a site I always use
    browsershots.org which will show what my site looks like in each different browser window.
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    Is it the site in your signature? If so, i am able to get to it fine. It could be the browser, the dns, or maybe the computer you are using now has a bad proxy or blocks content.
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    Oh crap, I'm sorry this is the site
    Its a Wordpress site
    At work we can't view certain sites like Facebook, Twitter, Fiverr and certain other website and we can't see certain type of ads. I think html ads.
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    Its working for me!
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    Site works fine here, its your job
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    It's obviously the restrictions on you works browsers.
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    Thanks for the responses, but I find it strange that the site in my sig shows just fine at work. Both sites use the same theme and have basically the same settings, though TWE does not have the same plugins.
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    Are you using the same browser at work as you are at home.
    Some browsers are pickier about proper HTML coding, and others
    will properly display pages that aren't coded 100% correctly...
    improper or missing tags etc.

    That's one possibility.

    There's always a simple explanation... but we can't always spot
    it easily


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