the different between free and owed domain?

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I am new in the internet world. i facing a little bit confuse about free and owned domain. Can someone help me what the different between free and owed domain? what the pros and cons..
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    Free = you don't pay for it and you don't own it so you have to stick to the hosting site's rules and, of course you can't sell it.

    Owned = you paid for it, you own it and you can (within reason) do what you want with it.

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      Not really...You lease it like you lease a car. You have control of it for a year.
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        Originally Posted by serryjw View Post

        Not really...You lease it like you lease a car. You have control of it for a year.


        If you're leasing a domain, after the year, the owner could tell you:
        "The domain was leased to someone else" or
        "The renewal amount now is higher"

        If you "Own" the domain, it will be yours forever as long as you pay the renewal on time.

        Big difference...right?

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          "The renewal amount now is higher"
          They can change it anytime they want. That is why we have the flexibility to more to another registrar.
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  • Justaskismall,

    I just wanted to elaborate on some of the pros to registering a custom domain as opposed to using a free one. Depending on what your goals are online, registering your own domain can look much more professional in terms of doing business online. A lot of times, when you use a free domain you are also using some kind of free service like free blogging websites or what have you. When you have this type of arrangement, you also have to abide by their rules for what content you can post on their platform, what businesses you can operate, etc. You can however apply a custom domain name to a free service like blogger.


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    You can start a free website using a free service on Blogspot or or Tumbler... but you have no real control over it and you risk having the service interrupted and all your hard work going to waste.

    That's the main difference between free websites and your own domain.

    Some people believe starting a "free website" will somehow help you with SEO, because the free domain is older in terms of age, but that's simply not true.

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      I had a sub-domained website of weebly and I did some good SEO there. It was running really well. I used to get a lot of visitors there but all of a sudden at one cloudy morning I saw my site got banned! I asked the very reason more than 20 times but I have't been received any logical reason so far from the god damn weebly guys. Finally I left hope and started my own site and yes, I feel good because it's completely mine.

      Now the gist of this story is- see me , yes me! And don't build a castle of hope with a damn, free domained site because it's not yours.

      If you want to go for some serious cash generating venture, must go for a paid domain with a good hosting plan. Trust me, it's not expensive at all.
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    You can use a free domain to drive traffic to your own domain. Free platforms like Blogger, Squidoo, Hub pages, etc help you learn how to get traffic and promote your products online, and they are good for driving traffic to your own pages.

    You should build your own business without depending on these free platforms. Use free platforms in a smart way, without putting all your eggs in such basket.

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      Whit free domains you no have dns control you donĀ“t can transfer your domain to another host or control your email whit paid domain you can transfer your domain to another host and control your email.
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    thanks guys..
    some of you said about traffic..
    which is a best to get the traffic -->free domain or owned domain?
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      Originally Posted by justaskismall View Post

      which is a best to get the traffic -->free domain or owned domain?
      Both, you should be using multiple free domains to direct traffic to your owned domain.

      My stuff...
      1 (consulting and coaching - I've been a full time affiliate marketer since 2000)
      2 (free and paid PLR products)
      3 (digital downloads deals site)

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      Originally Posted by ErNarendra View Post

      In free domain you can't customized you website , but in you your domain you can do.
      That's not necessarily true. A lot of the free hosts allow for customization. I've seen some gorgeous blogs on Blogger and wordpress; but they're free blogs.

      A fried of mine was running a book tour blog; he's run it for years. Either someone who has an issue with him (and he does have a major issue right now) reported him; or he got caught up in their spam filter. They manually fixed it once; but within a week his blog was gone again. The blog was on Blogger. It was a long-running, successful site - and now it's gone.

      I also, personally, feel that having your own hosted domain is more professional and will ultimately improve your branding.

      Besides, if you're really stuck on Blogger's platform, you can buy your own domain and still use their platform as your back-end.
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