How to Create a Catchy Sales Page ?

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Hello Warriors, i hope you are in a good mood today.

I would like to know, How to Create a Catchy Sales Page ?

What should i write or do in every sales page i create ? What's the basics in creating a good sales page ?

And, Should i put a sales video too in it or it doesn't matter ?

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    Writing good sales copy takes time to learn, years actually. Try visiting the Copywriting board and look at the sticky threads at the top of the page. You'll find LOTS of resources that will get you started.
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    Try to write a personal story, like you are writing a letter to your friend about the product.

    Use call to action & headlines. Then write as long as you want, there is no limit.

    Try OptimizePress or any single column template for the sales page. If you need to write + design one, you can PM me.
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      You can find good copywriters for 5 buck in Worth to try.
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    There's a lot to it and I'm always trying to keep learning myself but what I do know is from a high level standpoint you need to be sure to list benefits and more benefits...remember that anyone reading or listening about your product, all they want to know is how it's going to benefit them. Don't get caught up in listing a million features that sound cool but don't translate well into benefits well because you'll likely lose them.

    You also need to clearly define the problem your product solves that your reader is looking for a solution to. So you will need to make sure you agitate that problem and remind the reader of how much it sucks and then you introduce your product which is the solution to the problem and all the great ways it will benefit them and make their lives better once they have it. You have to really try and paint the picture well in as many words as necessary to do so. May be a few or may be many depending on what it is.

    Just a couple things that I have learned and believe are always worth keeping in mind. Hope it helps.

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    Just look at any of the sales pages on the WSO forum and you should get a great idea.

    It's actually not as hard as you think.
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    Everything you need is right in this article.

    The rest is about injecting your own "voice" and authenticity into the writing.

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    You goal for creating a Sales Page, convert a prospect into a customer. Create a headline that will be catchy and keep your prospect interested enough to keep reading your sales page. Then hopefully it will convert your prospect into a customer.
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      Hey, Oliver

      Here is some tips:

      1. Start with your hook: This can be a solution to a specific problem, a storyline, proof, the offer, bonuses, or all of the above. It's the "Big Promise" that only you can make. You'll use your hook in the headline, sub-headline, and opening paragraph.
      2. Show the proof: This can be testimonials, a success story, third-party statistics, or a demonstration of your product.
      3. Explain what they get: Introduce your product and list all the benefits with bullet points.
      4. Reveal the price: explain why it's such a good deal by comparing with alternatives. Explain how it can save them time and/or make their life easier.
      5. Add some bonuses: You can create your own or use another PLR product that complements the offer.
      6. Minimize the risk: close the deal by offering a crazy guarantee, like double your money back.
      7. Ask for the order: this is where you can add scarcity and recap the offer, price, and guarantee.
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    I have a big launch coming soon so I just went thru a ton of copywriting courses (yet again) only this time I ripped the bare bones guts out of them down to single point forms to create a check list of sorts.


    • Make it a fantasy
    • Sense of emergency (news story)
    • Massive curiosity and drama
    • Buddy in first 2 paragraphs (hot secret)
    • Extreme before and after examples
    • Start with 100% facts then move to more remote ones
    • Use testimonials to write copy
    • Praise my competition
    • Discount the freebie stuff
    • Press release (and show us featured)
    • Justify bonuses (esp as unique)
    • 'Can’t be done' bullets
    • Admit flaws
    • Can’t NOT get it if warranty is expired
    • Disqualify people who won’t buy
    • Give them the #1 feature right away
    • Tease in emails
    • Gag headline
    • Test the bonus as a free give a ‘way for getting this far’ and a reason to get their system fixed
    • Transition sentences
    • Do a story structure
    • Start with a non-sale-freebie style anti-pitch. Chit chat FIRST
    • Pain-Agitate-Solution (reader must FULLY acknowledge the problem). Take every problem and talk about its logical and painful conclusion (long is ok). Bullet point solutions are more believable at this point
    • Try the testimonial and bullet point teaser combo
    • Get them saying yes periodically? Works best at close
    • Use testimonials to back up claims
    • Use teaser bullets (some bullets can reveal the answer)
    • Really remove the risk
    • Precaution them: this repair will make you such a wizard you may be tempted to do a few of your own modifications after!
    • Even though you may have had a lifetime of bad conditioning you CAN CHANGE radically your thinking in even a day if you want it bad enough
    • Don’t make it look like a sales page
    • Give half the secrets away
    • Bencivenga Equation
    • Start with proof at the top: demonstrate, guarantee, reason + justification, specifics, expose, explain the mechanism, sell against type, acknowledge disbelief, testimonials, contrast,
    • Specialize (basketball shoe, soccer shoe etc)
    • Desires: Recognition, rejuvenation, relaxation, relief, religion, remuneration, results, revenge, role performance, romance
    • Editorial feel (editorial headline)
    • Highlight, bold and underline
    • Meaningful subheads
    • One idea per paragraph
    • Start with most important facts and conclusions first
    • What’s the problem? Why hasn’t it been solved? What is possible? What is different now? What should you do now?
    • Inject emotion into the words (frustrate, piss you off, hopping mad, gutted etc)
    • Use emotional words vs. rational ones
    • Assume the sale. Replace if with when
    • Use reasons and “because”
    • Cliff hangers
    • Use NLP and presuppositions
    • Linguistic binds (the more you A, the more you B)
    • Anchoring
    • Commitment and consistency (Ask a question, and if they “answer yes” and are still reading then tell them how they did answer yes and now they need to act on it)
    • Use cognitive dissonance: craft an early “Yes this is exactly what I need” element (perhaps a promise). Next get readers to take ownership of that promise and cling to it so tenaciously that no one can pry it away from them. “By the time you finishing reading this, you will have XYZ result”.
    • Involvement. How pissed are you right now? Try a whole involvement – response letter
    • Sell them OFF site (prime effect)
    • USP
    • Offer at the end (most important element). Minor purchase (for less than the cost of a cup of coffee). Daily-cost technique (for just $1 a day).
    • Better than money back guarantee carefully worded. Do this [whatever] and if you don’t [result] then simply send me an email, you’ll get a refund, AND you get to keep all the bonuses FREE.
    • Time response bonus
    • Always be testing headlines (start with 30-50, then pick the best one and start tweaking it, but give it a day of rest before looking at it again)
    • Headline benefits: strong compelling promise, highlight benefits (obvious or hidden), explain offer, appeal to emotions, use specifics, arousing curiosity, calling out to a specific target audience, making an announcement, asking a question, beginning with the words “how to”
    • Use quotes in the headline and an imperative voice (lead or empower with a leading action verb)
    • Get their name in a pop up and use it in copy
    • Use a drop cap
    • Write in first person
    • Call attention to flaws and shortcomings into benefits
    • Ask an opening question
    • Free download of video part 1 (try offering EVEN before the offer)
    • 5 keys to an opt-in offer that’s impossible to refuse:
    o Compelling title that speaks to the need of your target audience
    o Appetizing benefits
    o East and speed (instant gratification)
    o Assurance of privacy
    o Form for obtaining email address and perhaps first name
    • Security
    • Fine print at the bottom (legal)
    • Check list
    • Whitespace is BAD
    • Size 10 or higher
    • Text length should be 52-60 characters
    • Try columns
    • Short first paragraph 1-2 sentences
    • People read tops and bottoms before middles
    • Upper left corner is always seen
    • People look at people
    • Keep hero shot on left
    • Captions below pictures
    • 10 Smart Market Diagnosis And Profiling Questions
    o What keeps them awake at night, indigestion boiling up their esophagus, eyes open, staring at the ceiling?
    o What are they afraid of?
    o What are they angry about? Whoa re they angry at?
    o What are their top 3 daily frustrations
    o What trends are occurring and will occur in their business or lives?
    o What do they secretly, ardently, desire most?
    o Is there a built-in bias to the way they make decisions (e.g. engineers = exceptionally analytical)
    o Do they have their own language?
    o Who else is selling something similar to them and how?
    o Who else has tried to sell something similar, and how has that effort failed?
    • Pitch questions
    o What benefit to me or my company justifies the cost?
    o Who else had picked this drive to contribute to? (How can I validate my judgment?)
    o How would I get the money to give? (What budget would it come out of? What other expense would have to be reduced to afford this new one?)
    • Talk about bulk factors in the offer
    • Social proof
    • Intimidation: You will only buy if…you can only buy if…only some can qualify…
    • Be redundant in the guarantee (100% full refund every penny spent)
    • Make the guarantee the focus of the offer
    • Address impulsive and methodical (make sure the sub heads tell the story)
    • End with a picture of the result they are after and the caption
    • Answer objections with a direct answer, verified testimonial, case study, story, or proof, and a restatement or reference to the guarantee/free trial offer
    • Discounts for fast response/penalties for slow response
    • Creative P.S.
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