Best Way To Launch On Clickbank And Create Buzz!!

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Hi guys,

I am very shortly launching a product on Clickbank and am wondering what the best way is to create a buzz and get affiliates and jv's on board.

I have registered with JV Notify Pro and am in the process of creating this but was just wondering what has and maybe hasn't worked for you and if there are any launch notification sites purely relating to clickbank etc that you have found useful?

Also what do you thibk is the best amount of time to allow for the notification of a launch to the launch itself?

I really would appreciate any help and insights as we were all in my position at some point and my brain can't take much more!!
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    I wish I could tell you there was a magic button for this mate, or a sure way to go about doing this, but there isn't. And unfortunately, neither is there a service that can produce guaranteed results for you, except a heavy-duty JV broker perhaps (a lot of variables involved)!

    Best way to do it, is the same way it was always done since the origin of the word "business" was discovered. Build your network and relationships with people in your industry, both online and offline. Remember: your network = your net worth!

    Well orchestrated press releases also tend to work great, only when research and implementation is done correctly.

    As for notifications, these can start as soon as you're ready. The earlier the better, as many affiliates schedule their promotions months in advance. And don't forget to keep affiliates updated frequently and give them plenty of reminders before you go live!

    Hope this helps.
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