Does Easy Video Suite replace Handbrake? (codecs/compression?)

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Hey all,

I am concerned with playback online of #1) my sales video and also #2) my membership videos inside my members area...

I have videos in Adobe Premier 5.5 and will export them as .mp4s; however, I want to make sure they can be played by everyone.

What do you recommend? I am considering getting Easy Video Suite b/c apparently they claim they add all the codecs, etc to make sure everyone can see your video.

Also, I know a lot of people use Handbrake (although I don't know how to use it or what settings I should use on it)...

What do you all recommend I do or use to make sure my videos can be played by everyone (and also make sure they are compressed correctly so they're not huge files)?

Thanks so much. I'd appreciate any help you can provide.
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