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Hi Everyone

Just a quick note to say gday and introduce myself. I'm a professional web designer by trade and spend most of my time consulting to governments on their intranet and knowledge management projects... not the most stimulating work but you just cant beat the rates they pay!

I've been helping companies and organisations market themselves online since 1997 and I'm finally making the move from working for an hourly rate to developing my own information products and membership websites. I know there are many successful and knowledgeable people on here so I'm really excited about joining your community to chat and network with everyone!

The very nature of my job is to help and provide advice, so I'm never far away if you'd like to ask me a question...

I'm sure you'll see many of my posts from here, so now you'll know who's behind them
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    Hi Nicholas

    Welcome to the Warriors forum.

    It sounds like you have got many skills to help you to help you become an extremely successful Internet marketer (I wish I had a fraction of your skills).

    This is a great place to help you to develop your skills and incorporate tried and tested marketing techniques to turbo charge your online activity and build upon the skills you already have.

    Hope you become a regular part of the community.

    Best wishes and much success

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    So your the new guy ..

    Yes I'll be having complicated questions for you in near future as Im getting involved in designing and stuff soon.

    Your the experienced guy so you may not find all creating products/membership sites that complicated but, wish you great success.

    Welcome to family.

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      Great to hear from you.

      As a pro - you are off to a flying start as a Warrior !

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    Hi Nicholas:

    Welcome to the forum. I hope all financial goals are superseded.

    Enjoy the weekend.

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    Welcome aboard Nicholas

    Hope to talk to you soon
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    thanks guys. I've had a look around the old threads and I cant believe how much gold you guys and girls have.. makes me wonder why people would actually pay for training when everything is laid out in detail here.

    Really looking forward to digging through it all and learning what I can.. there's gotta be a good 6 months worth of fulltime reading material.
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    Hi Nicholas

    Welcome to the Forum, this is a cool place, I learn so much from here

    I have to admit, I am Warrior Forum Addict.....


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      G'day Nicholas,

      Good to see another Aussie on board the Internet Marketing boat.

      You're already ahead of 50% of people since you've got a great skill that's in high demand here. Keep up the good attitude and before you know it, you'll experience success.

      As good as this place is, I'd encourage you not to trick yourself into believing that spending hours every day pouring through the threads here is "working"; do something, anything ASAP to get a feel for the game.

      If you don't mind me asking, which part of Australia are you from? I'm from Melbourne, Victoria.


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    johno. I'm up in Sunny Queensland mate, Briz Vegas.

    I know what you mean about mistaking reading for working, I'm right brain and easily distracted. Hows things down your way work wise? Heaps of projects are getting canned up here so it's bit of a guessing game on which to take and which to stay away from
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    Welcome to the WF Nicholas.

    Yes, there's a lot of good info and help here. But, as jaykay21089 said, I have to remind myself that visiting here isn't really "working" and limit my time here.
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    • Welcome Nicholas,

      Glad to have you to the forum. It is always a pleasure to have people on the forum that are knowledgeable and smart in their niche.

      Good luck here at the forum and with your product.s
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    Welcome to the WF, Nicholas.

    I would highly recommend joining the War Room as soon as you can, if you haven't already.

    Looking forward to seeing you around the WF.

    All the best,

    "Ich bin en fuego!"
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  • Profile picture of the author Nicholas William
    oooooh, there's a war room? I like the sound of that!!

    *scurries off in search of said place*
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    Welcome buddy...

    I hope you will soon release your first IM product
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    Hi there
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    Damned Ozzies are overrunning the place! Welcome aboard
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    Welcome to WF.

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      Welcome to here Nicholas,

      I am glad that you increase our community by your knowledge -- and I can assure you that if you'll be in need of advice -- you will find helpful people on the WF.

      Btw to be a member of The War Room is very worthwhile. You can find many useful 'weapon' to take your business to the next level.

      All the best,

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        Welcome Nicholas,
        Great to have you part of our group.
        "Thoughts become things... choose the good ones!" Mike Dooley
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    Welcome to the Warriors forum Nicholas. This is THE place to learn and share your
    knowledge with others.
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    I highly recommend joining war room as well
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    Welcome Nicholas

    It's always great to have warriors with experience...you will definitely get a lot out of the forum, but you are at an advantage to be able to give advice..

    Look forward to working with you in the future!
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