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Hi, I'm looking for a good coach,mentor or a program to help me get started online? Can anybody recommend any please
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    I haven't been coached by him personally but I went through all his free reports and studied his blog and can honestly say he's the best person you can get coaching from.

    His name is Rich Schefren and you should check out his blog strategicprofits.com/blog and sign up to his list and he'll give you lots of great free reports you can learn from and thus way you'll make an educated decision on whether his coaching is right for you.

    What he's teaching is priceless and nothing else matches his products. His coaching is about how to strategically build a business around your strengths and passions so that you have a competitive advantage over your peers. He's helping you identify your strengths and passions and how you can use them to build a business you enjoy working in and be proud of. Also you'll learn how to identify your weaknesses and how to avoid using them in your business.

    If I had money for coaching he's the man I would try to learn from period. He's the coach of all the big guru's out there: Frank Kern, Mike Filsame, Jay Abraham, Yanik Silver, etc.

    He's the man with the plan, no doubt about it
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    Kenster's Six Figure Alliance is absolutely amazing, but it's open only once or twice per year.
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    Not sure if Matt Jersan, is accepting anymore students but I would say he is excellent. Good Luck!
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      How many more years are you going to wait for "help to get started?" It may sound rude but at some point you have to dig in and do the learning and the work required. You have to choose what type of business you want and you have to focus on building it.

      What have you DONE in the years you've been "getting started"?

      How many sites or blogs do you have online? How many articles published? Are you at a stage where a coach could help you move forward?

      Be honest with yourself and evaluate where you are. That will put you in a better position to choose coaching that will suit you.
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    There are some great mentors out there.

    The problem is that they consistently get bad students who are not willing to do what ever it takes to succeed. When they are not doing what it takes and what the training says and want the easy road to success, they start bashing the program and its mentor.
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    I think you need to make sure you are self-educated on these topics before ever considering a coach.

    No coach will be successful with you unless you have a basic background and understanding of the business you want to be in.
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    Originally Posted by chris chorley View Post

    Hi, I'm looking for a good coach,mentor or a program to help me get started online? Can anybody recommend any please
    I've just been looking at your previous posts, it looks like you've been looking for this sort of help since 2010?

    Your first post in November 2010 says you've been trying online for 4 years already.

    So that's 7 years in total now? Sounds like you've got stuck getting started?

    How about you take a look at this from an alternative point of view. Instead of wanting "get started online" perhaps take something else in your life that you are PASSIONATE about and then use that as the basis of a business.

    Pretty much any hobby, sport, life challenge can be used to create a business. From basket weaving, through ant farming, to an intense fear of hot air balloons.

    Most important it's something you're interested in, know a lot about already and can use that to your advantage, so you're no longer 'starting', you're already half way there, you're already an expert (or at least an enthusiast) in that area.

    My stuff...
    1 simoncrabb.com (consulting and coaching - I've been a full time affiliate marketer since 2000)
    2 plrproducers.com (free and paid PLR products)
    3 concealeddeals.com (digital downloads deals site)

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    sent you a pm
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    Hey Chris,

    I just got started a few weeks ago myself. I am working with Brendon Zahrndt. You can find him here on the forum. I like the way he teaches. He breaks things down so you can work on one or two things at a time. I am very pleased to be working with him.

    hope this helps,
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    I can agree with the suggestion for Matt Jersan. Though I may be biased I am one of his coaching students and he helped me make more money in a few days than I have ever made online. The most important thing you need is experience and action. A good mentor will provide the experience but you have to take action. Good Luck
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