Best Ways/Features to Generate Revenue With Google News site

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Hello all,

I'm getting my google news site redesigned/programmed... all custom ....

I'm hoping you all can help me find some ideas I don't have.

I already have advertisement from CPX / valuemedia lined up but what's some other ideas to generate revenue from a GNA+ site ?

Every article I post goes to google news and usually has priority over low-mid range powered sites. Once i get back consistently posting and diversified content, i expect more.

My domain name is NOT A WORD, it's an abbreviation & acronym so it's not 'niched' as some sites with keywords in their title.

I can get posts up in tech / music / sports / entertainment usually with ease.

Look forward to replies. No idea is too stupid/dumb, just share it. I've been a Warrior for a while and look forward to seeing what some the new energy here has to offer as well as the vets!
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