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I am putting together a blitz marketing campaign for an upcoming service business that revolves around Web Development and Software Development Services as well as some Internet Marketing consulting. I really want to hit the ground running so I want to know what warriors recommend as some of the best online paid advertising platforms. Here are a few that I have already come up with;

1. Warrior Forum
2. Paid Discovery on Stumble Upon
3. Reddit Sponsored Link
4. Google AdWords
5. Bing Ads
6. Forum Paid Ads and Paid Threads (IM & Web Services Forums)
7. Solo Ads

I would love to find out about some other paid distribution services such as Pay Per Click or Pay Per View, Web Commercial Distribution, Online Media, Etc. Any other ideas?
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    I would have listed Craigslist, but that is free, so I have left it off the list!
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      Originally Posted by TheCLPro View Post

      I would have listed Craigslist, but that is free, so I have left it off the list!
      Lol I was so about to suggest that to you because of your username
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    Yeah I'm looking for ideas on paid ad distribution like banners, image ads, text ads, etc. and then media distribution like web commercials. Looking to spend about $300-500 the first week on some advertising to test and see what works and what doesn't.
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    Facebook Ads have always performed horribly with every test I have thrown at it. Bad quality traffic. I know PPV Networks, but any ones specifically?
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    What has been working for me is FaceBook ads, the reason for that is because you can target the exact people you want to show up to your product or service.

    So no wasting time with tier kickers.

    You want your advertising money to count and not to go to waste.

    What I also do is send out personalize letters to each business so they can show up or buy what I have.

    If you send them a postcard it will go into the trash so you do need to personalize it, but if you do it right you can get a 20-40% response the same week no waiting around for weeks or months.

    You can also put ads on newspapers, most people don't use them because they think is hard or it does not work but they are living so much money on the table, but I guess that's a good thing for me because we are making a killing with them and there's almost no competition.

    Hope this helps.

    Sophia Mugnani
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    We have tried direct mail, but we had poor results in comparison with the money spent. Facebook Ads have always performed absolutely horribly for us in every situation.

    What are some good Pay Per View Networks or Pay Per Click Networks?
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    I do agree with Sophia Mugnani on Facebook is you target the right people by age, geo and interest . Direct mail work, you got to target the right people and repeat the advertising to the same people over and over to see results.

    ps TheCLPro I need help with Craigslist after a few years posting with success for the last few month nothing stick. I have try ,, IP, phones, ,, and other way,, nothing work..
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    Yeah...Craigslist is probably better than some of those paid methods you mentioned
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    I wish I can say the same

    for me :

    Google Ad

    Bing Ad

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