When Did It Click For YOU !

by Mindz
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When did all this start making sense to you? For others it was right away. For some it may have taken some time, but they got it.

So tell me? When did it all click....?
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    Answers will vary, but after a few years of self-educating myself on the topics I wanted to focus on, I properly setup my business and began selling services and building my brand.

    I would say the definition of "click" will be different for others as well.

    I would say in my case, "click" was when I determined what my focus would be.
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    For me, things happened at once.

    I created a product (the process taught be a lot), I got some good sales from affiliate sites, and also scored coaching clients.

    I guess that tells me it was more than likely my attitude to things, than a 'click' as such. What I mean is, I think that I got to a point where I was confident with doing what I was doing, and that lead to my success in the areas mentioned above.

    But there's always still plenty to learn, just a case of moving onto the next steps, so to speak.

    Martin Platt

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    For me it's relatively recently. Spent a lot of time reading up about it and now finally taking action.
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    Wow, I don't know when it "clicked" for me but I know it has been a long road. I thought I would get into selling stuff online back in 1998. I spent a thousand dollars on a site, merchant account, and invested in a company I had seen on TV that said they would be my supplier if I only paid them to store and ship things.

    Needless to say I was young and gullible. The TV said all I had to do to get people to come to my site was banner exchanges and I didn't know enough not to buy it! So that business flopped like a fish out of water in a couple months time.

    A few years past and a friend of mine was getting into web design. I was interested as a hobby so I learned some things on my own about putting a website up. I still had no idea how to do SEO or drive any traffic to the sites though. That is until I landed a job as a webmaster for a startup company doing advertising.

    They drove me to take my knowledge of website design to the next level because I was afraid of losing the job. Then they said "I want you to put our site on the first page of Google" and I laughed. I told them I would need to go to school or something to learn what I needed...they said "figure it out yourself."

    So again I needed to keep the job and had no option but to teach myself SEO. I did a lot of lurking around forums and articles as well as reading books. In the end I managed to get their website listed #1 on Google for a phrase that had over 1 million sites in competition. Not much but it was a great day for me.

    So as time went on and they got everything they wanted out of me they stopped paying me. They didn't stop working me mind you...just decided not to send me my pay. So I quit.

    I decided I didn't want to keep working for people like I had been (every boss was crazy in some way). So I started my first website for myself and started working on it. It took 3 years before I would see a profit. But now that I have the experience under my belt I have been able to start a few other businesses.

    So it never "clicked"...it was just kind of thrust on me by necessity.
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    Great thread! It took over a year of fiddling around for me. Then I actually invested in some training from others who got it right. I was able to make a couple of tweeks and all the work I did in the past year "clicked!"
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    After failure following failure following failure..... following more failure.

    Then, we failed some more.... And failed again.

    Then all the sudden, things 'clicked'
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    After years of reading, testing, implementing, giving up and starting on the next thing. I finally joined an amazing team and started seeing success stories of people who had started online years after me, I was like ARE YOU KIDDING ME?? Then I had a leader tell me, you don't have to be perfect, stop getting ready to get ready! No one knows everything and you never will!

    So I sat down that night and made a plan and it's all been up and up since..

    Also when I realised the only way to make serious money online was if you put in the hard work ie: stop going after the next best thing
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    When I realized that the WORLD REWARDS ACTION instead of Intent or motivation...

    Things started clicking when I started taking responsibility for myself instead of WISHING things were different.
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      If 'clicked' implies major success, then I'm still waiting for it to click. However if 'clicked' implies a realization that it's all down to hard work and perseverance, and forget trawling the net for those bright shiny objects that promise an easy path to overnight riches, then a while ago thankfully.

      However, I do have quite a collection of said 'bright shiny objects' prior to my realization
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    I feel that it 'clicked' when I started implementing all the things I learnt on IM forums back in 2006. I was reading and reading these forums and getting more and more excited. It then finally clicked when I was on holiday in Cyprus and I logged in to my Clickbank account to see 2 sales for the very first product I ever promoted (Forex EA). I couldn't believe it, I had made money while lying on the beach on holiday for a few hours work I had put in a few weeks before. That's when I knew this was the life for me.
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    When I became a seller rather than a buyer! In other words when I had my own products to promote.
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    So You can look at my sign up date -- that is when I started to take IM seriously (monetizing and what not). Before that date, I had websites but it was just to share my writing, art, ideas, fashion, etc.

    And then look at the post date of this message, since 2 months before todays date is where I officially make a substantial amount equal to having a full time job. So since sign up till the past 2 months it was just learning, tinkering - making a few bucks here and there.... but the past 2 months it has been nose to the grind stone working and I see the benefit.

    Love IM, love what the internet has done to business and community. LOVE.
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    YESSSSS ^ I was the same but it took me a year or two after to get it really going ..
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