What I did to increase my opt-in rates

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What I did was very simple. I just added a $37 payment button for my freebie on my squeeze page.

So, my visitors can choose either they pay $37 for my freebie or subscribe to my mailing list for free. The trade off is like this:

- You pay me $37 for the ebook and you will not be receiving follow ups from me.
- You can get the ebook for free but in exchange you have to subscribe to my mailing list.

You know what any normal person would do if given those two choices right?

My opt-in ratio increases to around 76 percent using this method. And one or two even paid for the ebook, so I was getting either money or subscriber. Either way, I am happy.

So, just by simply telling your visitors that your freebie worth X dollars now just won't cut it. Put the payment button and tell them to buy or to subscribe for free would further trigger their hot buttons.

I am thinking about further twist of this method. Wish me luck.

I hope you enjoy this method. I don't know if anyone ever shared it in WSOs or something, but I have never seen an opt in page with both payment and subscribe button for freebies.
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