Physical Product For IM Niche Training Course Or Ebook?

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Hey Warriors,

I am going to be doing a projects where the product is going to be
made by and fullfilled by them.

I am on the hunt for ANY training material either an ebook, video course,
guru course, whatever that teaches this sort of stuff.

I know micro-conintuity kinda went over some of this stuff, but its sold
out, I believe.

I just need some resources that explained the cost involved, how they
did it, how they calculated shipping & handling, and how they worked
with an affiliate program.

I am pretty much looking for the dream product that explains indetail
how all these "gurus" are doing their "Free, Just Pay S&H!" offers.

I HOPE the launch tree program covers this.

Any help would be awesome!

Talk soon,

- Dylan Jones
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