Best Paid Traffic Besides Google/Yahoo/Bing

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What is the best paid traffic (PPC or whatever) besides Google/Yahoo/Bing?
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    Some will tell you Facebook Ads, however, many others have struck out using that as a platform. Keep in mind, virtually any paid traffic source will cost you some money in the beginning until you make the proper adjustment. Those adjustments could be your headline, your graphics, your bid-per-click, etc. Just keep on keeping on and hopefully any of those paid traffic sources will help you.
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    Facebook ads and media buys. Some sites do sell banners for affordable prices and if their traffic is high and related to your niche, it is possible to get good traffic.
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    For Facebook ads, you can't urge people to buy any product quickly. However you can build a good relationship with people on FB for long term. Then they will be your clients / customers later.
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    Solo ads and banner buys if you do your homework. Also dabble in PPV but make sure you study this one first. I'm definitely learning with this paid source.
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    You may want to try POF which is pretty similar to Facebook. Depends on niche, it can be a good quality traffic.

    You can try PPV traffic too which traffic starts from $0.015. The top 2 traffic networks are Trafficvance and Leadimpact.
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    I think besides what is listed by OP, Facebook and LinkedIn, due to the ability to target exactly who you want.
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      Originally Posted by J R Salem View Post

      I think besides what is listed by OP, Facebook and LinkedIn, due to the ability to target exactly who you want.
      Facebook has recently partnered up with some data providers, and
      the level that you can now target your ideal customer is SICK! Combine
      that with re-targeting, where your ads follow them around as they surf
      the site... making you appear to be everywhere, and FB ads can be
      very effective.

      Bear in mind that Facebook users feel very comfortable on Facebook,
      but when you pull them off Facebook, their shields go up. So, if you
      can embed your opt-in forms, and order forms inside a page on Facebook,
      your conversions should also be higher.

      I personally LOVE Facebook ads, and for some products, LinkedIn is
      even better... due largely to LI having users with higher average income
      that Facebook, Twitter, etc.


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        I have heard that POF is good an you get a targeted audience to your ads.

        Never tried them myself though,maybe other Warriors could comment on their experiences with POF.

        Keep away from cheap sites such as Adfly,Clicksense etc very poor traffic

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    Originally Posted by albert12 View Post

    What is the best paid traffic (PPC or whatever) besides Google/Yahoo/Bing?
    The best traffic sources are the sites where your
    target customer hangs out.

    If your target customer doesn't hang out at FB or
    POF then you are wasting your advertising dollars.

    Before investing in paid traffic research your perfect
    customer in the greatest detail possible. You need
    to know them intimately... when you know where
    they hang out... then plan your traffic campaign.

    John's Internet Marketing News, Views & Reviews: John Taylor Online
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    I like solo ads and traffic for building my list. Traffic from is very cheap but most of these visitors are looking for free stuff, so make sure you buy traffic from countries like USA, Canada, Great Britain etc.
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      Media buys, banner ads can be great if you get it right! I love it

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    For me personally I can only vouch for Solo Ads & Banner Ads
    in particular.

    They are great once you have a funnel that converts well enough for you
    to increase your spending budget & grow your business at at faster rate.

    This allows you to build a list (if that's what you want to do) and create
    more products so you can recommend them to your list.

    There are lots of paid traffic options but using them to your
    advantage takes a little time, tweaking, testing & patience
    before you see the light at the end of the tunnel.

    All the best
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