Highest and lowest price for kindle books

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I know there are free kindle books but what is the highest-priced Kindle book you've seen?
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    75 bucks, for a share trading book.
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    For independent publishers (like me) they cap the price you can charge at $9.99. Only big-time publishers can charge more for Kindle books.

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    The maximum list price for a Kindle book is $200.

    The maximum list price for the 70% royalty rate is $9.99, which means there is a no-man's land from $10 to $19.98 where you could make more money pricing it at $9.99 under the 70% royalty option. Assuming you made the same number of sales, but you would probably make more. Chances are good that anything less than a $30 price tag would make enough additional sales at $9.99 and 70% royalties to justify the lower price.

    Furthermore, free Kindle books are promotions, and have a regular sale price of at least $0.99 to $2.99 depending on the size of the file. Under 3 MB can be as low as 99 cents, 3 to 10 MB must be at least $1.99, and anything over 10 MB has to be $2.99 or more.

    It's worth noting that if your Kindle book is $9.99 and 70% royalties, your cut is about $7
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