African Tanzania Boy wants to reach $1000 Plus per month Online

by rehema
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I have read many internet marketing ebook and products and I have tried to use some but they have not proved as per the sales page not even to $500 per month.

Knowing that here we have many that are making it online using free online tools I will appreciate If I can get some one that will be able to share that with me. Or those that are using paid method I will also be more than ready to learn that too.

Please share here anything that you think will be of help or you can PM me.

Thank you so much and looking forward to all your positive reply.

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    How long have you worked at the same one method for?

    This stuff takes time. If you expect to try a whole heap of things for just a little bit then you will never succeed.

    I bet a lot of the methods you have purchased do actually work if you give them the focus, time, and persistence required.

    Rome was not built in a day nor was any Internet Marketing business.

    Strap in. It's a long journey. I didn't start to see success until after about 6 years of continual trying.
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      I have tried some of these same method for the period of not less that n three month. But all to no avail.


      Start Building your blog now at

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        Originally Posted by rehema View Post

        I have tried some of these same method for the period of not less that n three month. But all to no avail.

        So try it for 4 months or 5 months or 6 months. If you give up on one method after 3 months then all it means is you have wasted 3 months of your time. But if you continue to work at it and persist then it means you are now 3 months closer to succeeding. Why waste all of that learning? You now know a lot more of what doesn't work so keep adjusting your plans until you hit what does work.

        That's what this industry is all about. There are no magic bullets or secret tricks. Those who work hard and persist will get there in the end. Those who give up along the way will never succeed.

        Think about it. If you take one simple method that you know works (such as list building) and you work and focus on that like a hawk, there is absolutely no way you can fail. You will get there and succeed eventually. There are only so many ways you can do something wrong. After that you end up doing it the right way and that's when the pay off comes.
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    There are lots and lots of free resources here in the warrior forum itself which can help you start making money without investing in ebooks and stuff.

    Just coz you "invested" money in something doesn't mean you will get those returns as specified unless you work on it, and put your full attention on it.
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      Originally Posted by rehema View Post

      Just going through the thread hoping to get the way on the solution that will be able to help me get started online and reach the above mentioned goals
      I will tell you right now. You self admittedly said you have "read many internet marketing ebook and products". Lack of information is not your problem. It never is. You can go and read through the thread above and fill your head with another 50 different ideas and I'll guarantee you are back here in the same place in another months time. I've seen it over and over again.

      I have told you all you need to hear. Go back and pick one method and do it until it works. That's it. There are no other secrets. Too many beginners in this industry like to overcomplicate things and ignore the fact that it really is as simple as following a proven method until it works.

      It's your call as to what you do now. The direction you choose will be the difference between your success and failure. Go and focus on one thing and work hard and succeed OR go and fill your head with more opportunities and don't succeed.
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    You could also read through this thread. It won't teach you how to make money online but it will give a good idea of how long you will need to work everyday if you want to make a full time income.
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    You need to change your mind set. You've been a member here for 3 years, so you should know there is no such thing as a magic, system. If you read posts here you will find almost all the known methods of earning online.

    Expecting someone to tell you what to do automatically means you will fail. The ONLY person who can find out what interests you and what works for you is YOU.

    Stop expecting someone to do your work for you - start researching, start working. It doesn't need to cost you a cent. If you truly have little or no idea what you are doing, start with a Blogger blog and work out what you need to do to earn.
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