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If you had to list your number 1 marketing strategy that produces results, what would it be? Whether you're marketing biz opps or e-commerce.

I'm struggling trying to make ends meet and need solid marketing I can do myself without paying a fortune.

All the tips are greatly appreciated!!! I look forward to reading them.
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    The #1 Tip

    Add value to everything you do.

    - - - - - - - - -

    Adding bonuses isn't always the same thing as adding value.

    Asking good questions at the WF is adding value. A lot of newer people tend to think the only way to add value is by sharing what they know. But by sharing what you don't know, you could be adding value in other (often better) ways.

    You can add value to just about everything you do, and that's what will separate you from those who feel okay with "just getting by".

    All the best,

    "Ich bin en fuego!"
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    Try Video Marketing. It is free & it will result in people clicking on your website. But you need to put a whole Marketing Plan & make videos part of it. If you need help setting one up I can help you. No strings attached.

    We are a group of like-minded individuals who help others generate wealth. We are not an MLM company. Explore the website for FREE... Ask me for Details
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      Originally Posted by nichepros View Post

      My #1 marketing strategy is to sell as much stuff as I can.
      Just to add a little to the end of that sentence.

      ...in as many places as you can."


      "Ich bin en fuego!"
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      Originally Posted by nichepros View Post

      My #1 marketing strategy is to sell as much stuff as I can.
      that's not a strategy.. that's a goal.

      ... of sorts.
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    The number one way is to focus on making a list with your auto responder service. Once you do that, add value to that list. You can always sell to that list. Seriously... if you want just one thing... build your list and build a relationship with it.
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    Create solid relationships with people that can help you succeed faster.

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    Find out what people want in your niche; where to find them; show them where to get it.

    Timeless marketing strategy that need not be complex.

    In your situation described above, I recommend JayXtreme's WSO to mitigate risks when starting out and for seasoned marketers looking for a bigger piece of their market - http://www.warriorforum.com/warrior-...timonials.html

    Off to drink beer and check stats now.
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    Socialize, the more connections you have ..the more cash you'll make.

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  • Spam like crazy. Just kidding!!!

    Just get your stuff out there as much as you can. Spend eight hours a day at your computer building links to your site.
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    Relationships....if people don't like you they WONT buy anything from you...but that goes both ways...if they like what you are about they won't mind spending money with you.
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    Keyword research and then article marketing utilizing the keywords. Free traffic and automation is what I aim for.

    My Advanced SEO Blog
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    Absolutely No BS!
    Rank #1 For Most Keyword Phrases
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      Paid Marketing.

      Here's why:

      It's trackable.
      It's predictable.
      It's scalable.

      Find a way to run your business so that you know exactly what your ROI is for every single dollar you spend. (time is money)

      Also, it sounds like you're a little bit strapped but I want to caution you of "free marketing". I'm not against it - and it's definitely a great way to get started... But again, time is money - so it's not really free at all. You also tend to lose the 2nd two components I mentioned above. And if you want to make the shift to building a real business vs. making money then those 2 are critical.
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    My #1 Marketing Strategy:
    - Persistence
    Don't easily give up if you haven't sold a thing or two. Just continue what you are doing and everything will just follow.
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    Value add is key to driving my marketing strategy and different niches requires different marketing strategies and tools.
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    Treat people's pain points.

    Offer big, bold, benefit-rich solutions. Give people 50 to
    100 times more in value than they're are paying for, even
    if it means working with loss leaders or only just breaking
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    Thanks for the info and tips. I'm looking into all the tips and trying some out as well. I'm keeping check on this post regularly for new tips.
    Building Online Wealth
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    My #1 strategy is to do a good job with existing customers. By doing this part right, my customers do the marketing for me, saving me a ton of time and money.
    It is okay to contact me! I have been developing software since 1999, creating many popular products like phpLD.
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