I want to know how to predict product sales

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I have an idea of the size of the audience that the product will be promoted to. The size of the audience of people who are on facebook and twitter that my affiliates will be promoting to. How can i predict how many of those people will be buy it.

What im really looking for is how many people out of every 100 will buy it.

Is there an average number out of every 100?

Is at least 1 out of every 100 a unrealistic estimate?

By the way, the people on the facebook and twitter pages, are people who are interested in the topic that the product is on.
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    Impossible to predict this.

    It depends on too many things.
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    Still though is 1 out of every 100 unrealistic?
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      Originally Posted by meauxmoney View Post

      Still though is 1 out of every 100 unrealistic?
      1. It has to be a market that is proven to buy.

      2. You have to be targeting the right people in that market.

      3. You need to be selling a product or service that market really wants.

      4. You have to get those eyeballs in front of that product/service.

      If you can do all of that then it's no at all unusual to expect conversion rates of 1-5%. But again it depends on certain things. If you send 1,000 people to your offer and they have no interest in what you are selling then you will sell zero. If you send only 50 people to your page who desperately want what you have then you could sell 20+ of those people.

      Your question really is just too vague to give any meaningful type of answer. It's like me saying I want to open a burger shop in town, how many burgers can I expect to sell each day. Impossible to say.

      If your question was what's an average conversion rate for a good sales page with warm traffic being sent to it? Anywhere from 1-5%.
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        I seem to recall not that long ago 0.5 to 2% was the average conversion rate in mail order offers, where a control offer would be sent every 6 to 12 months to check that was still in place and new offers would be tested until they reached that average or outperformed it, therefore becoming the new control. For that to happen, all variables had to be tested, offer relevance to the list, value, copy, and many other things.

        If you have your niche in a buyers market, that has been targeted correctly into a responsive list that has a good relationship with you and you have a relevant offer of excelent value with excellent copy, with all other parameters optimized, and a strong network of affiliates who also have a strong relationship with their lists and are uo to your standards or better in delivering value and SEOing their landing pages...

        Do you get it now? It could average a lot more, but first you need to test all variables and optimize each one of them, only then can you work with some estimates. Even then it might be hard;if you go to the CPA forum youll see hundreds of hops with no conversion stories all over the place.

        Hope this helps.


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