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Ok so I opened a new site last month and in the cpanel they offer me $100 free Google adwords. Did some digging and realized that its text ads. I would think that image ads had more success than text ads, I could be wrong.
Has anyone had success with these text ads? I'm thinking of starting a PPC campaign but I don't know which one is the best for me. BTW I have to spend $25 in order to qualify for the free $100 from Google adwords.
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    Hi Aribabs,

    I have run many PPC campaigns over the past few years and I can tell you it is a very competitive, and often very expensive way to advertise.
    And Google is probably the most expensive and competitive to use. They suck you in with that free $100 worth of ads offer so be very cautious. Google has some good training for free and it is quite extensive. I highly recommend you go through it in detail before you even start. Google will also help you set up your first ads for you if you call them and ask. I don't know your level of knowledge regarding PPC so you may want to invest in a good course or two and learn as much as you can before you spend money. I would be very cautious and keep a tight control on your budget when you set up your campaigns. It is easy and fast for them to burn through your money before you even know what has happened. I recommend starting on a very small budget and working up. Also, tracking is crucial. You have to track and monitor your results very carefully and tweak things as needed. Good luck my friend....

    W M Wood

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