Internet gods, I can create 3d animations, What do I do now?

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I am a 19 year old bum on death ground. My life is miserable and the only thing I want is to succeed. I enjoy making animations and would prefer to go that route to make money, although I am still open to other more efficient paths to making money. I am willing to work 12 hour+ days 7 days a week.

A simple idea I had was to create 'marketable' animations of quality and to lure people back to my main site and monetize my videos through blip (Apparently you get 10-15k per mil views), also to have adsense, sell e-books, merchandise and maybe even try to get similar aspiring filmmakers to buy websites off me, I would most likely try to outsource a web designer.

Do you have any advice for me?
Are these pipe dreams?

I also know HTML to a small degree and am picking up web design as a skill.

Thanks, any ideas or advice would be well appreciated.
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    Make small animations on fiverr to build yourself a client base.
    " I knew that if I failed, I wouldn't regret that.
    But I knew the one thing I might regret is not ever having tried. "

    ~ Jeff Bezos

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      Show me your stuff and I will show you how to monetize it. PM me here or contact me through my signature.

      Don't put yourself down, the fact that you have entrepreneurial aspirations proves that you have a spark and drive. Just add in some determination and hard work and set achievable goals and you'll be giving advice on here not asking for it.

      Good Luck!

      Barrie Featherstone
      US Army Retired
      "Still Serving"

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    I am with Alex. Use fiverr to bbuild up a portfolio then start selling through your own site.

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    What do you mean by '3D animations'
    Are building 3D models and sets in something like Blender then rigging and animating or are you using something like messiah studio.
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    I would never suggest you give away your 3d animation skills for $5.

    Don't undersell yourself.

    If you created a thread here in this forum I am certain you could start getting some work if the price is right:

    Warriors For Hire

    I use services in that forum all the time and they all charge more than fiverr but that's cool because a lot of people are not scared to pay for quality. I'd much rather pay good money for good work than mess around with sites like fiverr.

    Start off with a special discounted price for maybe the first 5 - 10 people so you can get those initial orders and start building up your portfolio. Then increase your price. I use many of the same graphics guys over and over again. So if you are good at what you do and reasonably priced you can quite easily get a nice portfolio of repeat clients.

    I know most of the guys I use for header and ecover designs always take about 1-2 weeks to deliver their work just because they constantly have a lot of work. They sure are not charging $5. I pay $125+ for a good header and ecover image and I have no problem paying that because they are quality... and these guys are always booked out.
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