How To Get More Fiverr Orders?

by IMsam
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I have made some few dollar via fiverr in the past but recently i tried to resume it but seem not tn be getting any orders. I offer various kind of services that am good at. How are you guys getting orders? Do you drive traffic to your gigs or you just depend on natural search like me? Share how you get orders.
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    Get your gigs marketed, use youtube, classified ad sites, forum signatures. offer something that no-one else can. Or offer something for a price that's unbeatable. Getting some sales in and building up your reputation is the best way of going about it.


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    Without marketing outside of fiverr, I set my girlfriend up with an account about a year ago to help her do what she likes doing which was drawing. I pulled up all the gigs that were getting regular orders and good ratings, looked at the keywords used and optimised each and everyone of her gigs.

    After having about 3 gigs set up she had about 5 orders in 3 days and 2 of those were on the same day. Maybe it's worth playing around with the ads you currently have or find out who your customers really are and start getting involved in forums etc like flipfire has suggested.

    Good luck!
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    Reputation, reputation and good reputation in fiverr will get you more sells..
    Always be very helpful with your first few buyers, let them leave good reviews on you.. that will help you a lot..
    I always search for ratings before I buy anything from fiverr
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    I think that the best way is to over-deliver to your customers. This way, you will build reputation and customers will keep coming. The only problem is to make your first sales. The best way to do that is to promote your gigs on various forums.
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    Thanks guys for your opinion and advice. I will make use of them. I hope it will help me get more orders
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    Consider it a blessing. Fiverr will suck the life right out of you and you'll end up resigned to selling your services too cheaply forever. Find some venue where you'll actually get paid what you're worth.
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      Completely agree, if you're selling services, without any sort of upsell involved.

      I think clever use of the extra's feature can bring in some decent money.

      What's your gig category?

      Originally Posted by travlinguy View Post

      Consider it a blessing. Fiverr will suck the life right out of you and you'll end up resigned to selling your services too cheaply forever. Find some venue where you'll actually get paid what you're worth.
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      Originally Posted by travlinguy View Post

      Consider it a blessing. Fiverr will suck the life right out of you and you'll end up resigned to selling your services too cheaply forever. Find some venue where you'll actually get paid what you're worth.
      Anybody that knows their business knows that a Fiver is just the starting point. Many of the best services are paid for through multiple gigs and still beat outsourcing to a third world country where your intellectual property is at risk.

      I use Fiverr workers almost exclusively in my business and every single one of them is based right here in the USA. I have built relationships with all of them and always get more than I pay for.

      Insourcing on Fiverr the politically correct way to use cheap contract labor without costing Americans Jobs. Hmm, sounds like a dimesale WSO.

      Barrie Featherstone
      US Army Retired
      "Still Serving"

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        Originally Posted by badlimey View Post

        Anybody that knows their business knows that a Fiver is just the starting point.
        I'd probably agree with this. But for a LOT of people fiverr is the beginning and the end. There are many threads here where people complain that they can't break out of the low rent service arena. And the best way to break out is to never enter in the first place.

        I look at it like this. The headline to this post is How To Get More Fiverr Orders?

        That means people offering services on fiverr are willing to put out some effort to get gigs. So if someone is going to invest time and money to actually market themselves why not go for bigger fish than fiverr?

        I recently purchased a service on fiverr that would sell for more than $100 in almost any other market. I had to cough up $10 as it required two gigs. This guy is WAY past the starting point stage. Amazing. Why people do this I'll never understand.
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          You can create and upload some videos to Youtube and point it back to your gig. That may help
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          I look at it like this. The headline to this post is How To Get More Fiverr Orders?

          That means people offering services on fiverr are willing to put out some effort to get gigs. So if someone is going to invest time and money to actually market themselves why not go for bigger fish than fiverr?
          That's my thinking too. I thought the whole point of offering services via fiverr was an easy way to get clients. Not the other way around. So if you're going to spend time and money marketing yourself, then market your own website and your services there. On that site you can always put a link to your fiverr account too, for your cheaper services.
          Move it along folks, nothing to see here
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    Upsell as much as you can, I've personally seen some Fiverr sellers offering upwards of $20+ dollars worth of extras - it all adds up!

    Effortlessly Turn Kindle Books Into Cash By Using My Free Guide Available At:

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    1.all you need to do is while delivery of order or
    while communicating with your prospects just
    be sure to tell them at the end about your other
    gigs which will be of interest to them and this way
    i had got more sales..
    2. also over deliver with what you can..
    this is a secret which will get you repeat customers..
    be the best
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    I would only use Fiverr as a sales funnel. A funded proposal. Make a gig then advertise it via PPC. Use the commission from Fivver to fund the ads and up-sells as your real profit. Although Fiverr2 is launching soon and that may change the game yet again.

    UK TV abroad for free:

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    Always keep your client happy. They will write positive reviews.for start offer more things at $5 lets say you are giving 2000 Facebook likes then make it 3000 when you catch the reputation you can recover your money.
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  • Yes market outside Fiverr. Build your online reputation by uploading tutorials on YouTube. Create your own Facebook page perhaps. Use twitter. And also maintain good feedback. Everyone's suggestions here are fabulous.
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    You can promote your own gigs for free (on social media sites or social bookmarking sites, etc...) also offer something of value for free in the beginning ... Just to get things rolling.

    Once you start making money, there are guys on Fiverr that will promote your gigs for $5.
    Use some of your profits to gain more traction and positive feedback.

    Good luck!
    I am currently looking to add 3 driven members to my new (FREE) Mastermind group - Are you interested?
    - Join my MasterMind Group -
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    Do what I do. Do such a bang up job with your next order that they come back to order more or tell their friends. Fiverr volume goes up and down. You can't rely on it to bring you a steady stream of customers. You CAN control how much quality you put into your work. Autograph your work with quality and get a competitive advantage. How? Most fiverr producers suck. Be one of the few GREAT providers. Problem solved. You have to wait a while but when you get the email notification that someone has ordered and sent you the details, OVER DELIVER. Treat it like it will be the LAST ORDER you will ever get.
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    Fiverr has thousands of sellers, maybe even millions. You can't expect to get sales without actually marketing your gigs, especially if your gigs belong to a high competition category.

    Go the old-fashioned way and market your services. Once you get a couple of sales and good reviews, you might get ranked high in the fiverr results page and get orders from their platform. But before that, you need to promote it yourself.

    You are a part of this forum, so why don't you start by placing a signature promoting your gig? Don't spam the forum, or you'll be definitely banned. Provide value to the people here and you're sure to get a couple of sales eventually.

    From your signature, I can see that you already are familiar with some free traffic sources. So utilize them, and get your first sales. Good luck!
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      It has a huge demand . Now days its impossible to do without marketing. Having signature of fiverr on the forum...offering good services more than competitors always help

      Hope this help,
      Nawshale R
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    promote your service the best way you can - in forum, social media, offer your service to fellow warriors. good luck!
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    I have started to notice spam from Fiverr sellers .. Don't do that.
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    Use document sharing sites to get new buyer for your gigs.
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    If starting.... 1. Always offer "BOGO - Buy One Get One Free" (or a variation thereof) and include that in your description...if it makes sense. I also require buyers to thumbs up, share and collect my gig (the little heart) in order to receive their "freebie."

    When things slow down...

    I use a few cool tricks like search for: #gig on Twitter and Google+ to find other fiverr sellers that have posted their gig and/or buyers of a gig. Usually I just send a short link to those folks that says if you like [niche] type of gigs then consider this one [short link]... it scores orders but is a little manual, however, when they order I use the incentive method I mentioned above which helps keep the pipeline full.

    I also use Fiverr to listbuild...ethically...sort of like the War Room method.

    Hope that helped.


    The only group with more actionable info than any WSO → The Parlay Society
    Want me to write stuff for you? → Click here to check this out
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    How To Get More Fiverr Orders?
    This is a nice question for anyone open to succeed.Its all dependent on how you package your gigs.What i mean by this,is how you market yourself(social media can do a great deal). Get your marketing strategy right and you will definitely get your more orders.
    Secondly,maintain your reputation by maintaining the quality of your gigs basically through buyer needs satisfaction.
    This and many others will help a great deal in getting More Fiverr Orders!
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      Always upload a video for every gig. This policy may just be the most important regulation. an idea that you could not understand is fiverr moderators in fact see each video independently. if you mention once or twice, you will certainly locate yourself ending up on the first page, starting off with a little boost.

      Hope this help to
      Nawshale R
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        Youtube and Metacafe are great ways to get more orders on fiverr or orders in general, create a flash or power point presentation video about your product or service and upload it to Youtube and Metacafe
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    Few things that have worked for me...

    - build a small list from freebies OR $2 to$5 buyers from WSO and then sell them fiverr gigs

    - forum signatures definitely get attention if you make them stand out.

    - buy one get one free

    - create a unique twist to an existing gig which is selling well.

    - create multiple accounts on fiverr (5-6) and then list out your gigs using all the 20 gig spots allowed for each account. cover more ground
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    I'm a service reseller and I usually do not use fiverr because 1) I rely on established backend providers and 2) the services I need are usually long term, like SEO, SMO. But, for very small, quick projects like a header image for a blog, a simple infographic, and things like that, I use fiverr.

    Over the years, I noticed that the successful sellers I met usually:
    1) use attractive photos (babies, women, dogs, cats) to grab attention
    2) use short, non-convoluted gig titles (then explain the gig via description or external page)
    3) offer sensible gig extras (like 3 more versions of the same image)
    4) and finally, they over-deliver.

    When you create value for buyers, buyers will praise you. Sometimes even if the seller has some negative reviews, I still try out their services because of some good, moving, positive reviews. This is just from the perspective of a buyer but I do hope it helps.

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      I read a lot of negative and a lot of positives about Fiverr in this forum and as a rule (with most forums that I read) I usually don't comment but here is my view on Fiverr...

      I believe that you can take a platform like Fiverr and make very good money if done correctly.

      What is good money to some is nothing to others, for me I enjoy it because I meet new people and I take something I love doing and instead of sitting around watching TV, I make money.

      On the flip side, I have also paid very very well for some gigs (like website creation) and thought the money I spent was well worth it... I have tipped in the hundreds for those types of gigs

      I have been very fortunate in my life and some years have made some serious (6 figure) cash and now I am looking to do that again.

      Do I think I can do that on Fiverr?

      I don't know but I enjoy trying to figure things out, that includes trying to figure out how to maximize my time for the most amount of $$$ on Fiverr.

      I'm fairly new on Fiverr but I have had a few higher paying gigs and now have some repeat customers developing so I believe if you stay with it you can build a nice bit of money on the side.

      I see people that have been on there for years and have sold thousands of gigs and judging by the additional or "add-on" gigs I don't believe they made all of their $$$ at a rate of just 5 bucks a gig...

      Just my thoughts
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    Always, always promote off the gig urls off the Fiverr site. SEO route is to ensure your gig title and description contain keywords that are actually in demand, and use those terms on the site, your blog or Web 2.0 property. Upload videos not just to Fiverr, but to YouTube with those matching keywords. Consider non SEO, direct link traffic from video, Yahoo answers, social media, press releases, etc.
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    Do a small PPC campaign
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    What exactly are you selling on Fiverr?

    - You want to build a great reputation for yourself, so yes- overdeliver on your promises and delight your customers.

    - You'll want to analyse your competition and figure out how you're better than them. (If you're not, then you've got some homework to do!)

    - You'll want to develop a competitive advantage by communicating your expertise. A blog is usually a great way to do this- write about whatever service you're providing, and direct your blog visitors to your Fiverr account.

    Good luck!

    Measure, manage and incentivize customer referrals with ReferralCandy.

    PS: Looking to get more repeat customers for a physical store? Check out CandyBar's digital loyalty cards!

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    Self-promotion through online methods will definitely be helpful. Just make sure that you have an established profile that actually looks good when people find you or else they will want to search for someone else. Also, ask every client to post a feedback after every services provided. This will help establish you as a good service provider.
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    Always overdeliver what you promised them and you will build a huge following.
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    great work i like it
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    1-Use social Media to promote your gig
    2-Classified ad posting
    3-Forum signature
    After you get some clients, over deliver.
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    The gig description is the KEY. You can write on the description why potential buyers should choose to buy your gig over others. On that section, you should communicate with the buyers about the value they'll get on your services and emphasize that its a LIMITED offer on fiverr. You can also give them a bonus or say they'll get the gig + 1 free for only $5 for first time buyers.
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    use PPC as a loss leader, offer a better service than your competitors, watch lots more orders roll in.

    I was doing this back years ago, and was making $80 a day (on fiverr), along side another 2 niche businesses. It worked for me, but it is still a bit of work.
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    Aside from promoting your gigs through forums, social media, youtube and other high traffic sites outside of fiverr, it's also very important in the beginning to type up a few short and convincing lines and add them to the description to catch the eye of your future customers. Then, before finishing up, put yourself in the client's shoes and read what you wrote several times, doing some fine editing so that it stands out and sounds like a real good offer from the client's perspective.
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    I´m not using Fiverr to sell, just buy. But try IM for your business. Look at it as any business at all....You have to Market it to get Visitors...
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    use this gigs for resell to another site

    Gig Name : create 80 links with high pr 5 to 10 direct to ur site manualy to pump up serp for $5
    Gig Link :create 80 links with high pr 5 to 10 direct to ur site manualy to pump
    Score (99/100)
    Notes: seems like he used GSA to complete the order but overall his work is good, I already test it with my fiverr id scrapeboxhunter, I ordered few hours ago, and seems like I see some serp in my account
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    I am new to Fiverr and learned a lot after reading this long thread, thanks everyone.
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  • If you are not already, work on getting up to a Level 2 seller and then you can add gig extras and make more money off of those.
    Basic Website Hosting - Hosting and Domain Name Registration starting at only $2.49/month!
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      You may follow the following procedure that I do from time to time:

      1) I write on various blog.
      2) I have my own website (blog) where I update about various service and actual market information
      3) Video on various site with information that is useful and catchy.
      4) Sent all my customers some promotional msg from previous purchases.
      5) Had offered promotional services via msg as a test my service.

      Hope this helps.

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    Let me explain the things that i have experienced.
    1. Always online (you can use fiverr smart phone app) as you sign in fiverr will show you online, and online seller get more orders than offline.
    2. If the some contact you by respective gigs then response as soon as possible.
    3. do not edit your gigs once you have done, because it takes 24 hours to update and till you are not available in search.
    4. NOW focus on to build your reputation, try to get 5 start also if you have done the task properly you can request to the buyer to get the feedback as five start
    That's it.
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