The "rags-to-riches" story of a lousy little website

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This is the "rags-to-riches" story of a lousy little website that averages about 5 visitors per month. I think a monkey can build a website that gets more than 5 visitors a month!

Over the last couple years, I've done pretty well with my own products and have built a number of good money-making websites... But...

I've also created a number of websites that simply don't perform, for whatever reason... Some of them I just lost interest in, some are in hyper-competitive niches and I didn't feel like putting in the effort. Short story, I have a small handful of sites that I have been really tempted to pull the plug on, as they barely earn enough to cover their domain registration. I guess a couple don't even do that.

But I had something fun happen recently... One of these horrible little sites (the one that gets around 5 visits per month) sold a multi-thousand dollar product! It's not that I get surprised by commissions, but THAT SITE? Do I need to mention that multi-thousand dollar products have nice commissions attached?

How though? Surely you have to have a load of traffic to sell a high ticket product!

Nope. You need a buy button. That's all. Well, maybe a bit more, sometimes, but the buy button (or a link to one) is a pretty good start!

I didn't write an elaborate review (though I might now), I didn't drive traffic to the site (never, 100% organic, all 5 visits!). I didn't really do much of anything SEO wise (And I probably did that wrong). I literally set up the site, posted a handful of products and linked to them.

Was it a fluke? Maybe. Will it happen again? Who knows?

Sometimes if you throw enough against the wall, something will stick, right?

As far as I can tell, there is only ONE reason I made this commission... I took the time to put my affiliate link out there.

You can do this. Take one of your under-performing sites, find a related high-ticket product and put up a link! Use a picture, write a little review, tell the world how great it is... just do it.

Don't assume that you can only link to products that will earn you pennies, or a few dollars at most. Sure, you might get more of those sales, but their is NO reason to not go for the gusto.

Don't assume ANYTHING about the people that find your sites. There IS money out there, and people are spending it. Get your share!

Bottom Line... you can be sure that you will never earn a fat commission online if you don't at least try. You can do nearly everything wrong and at least sometimes catch a big fish if you have enough hooks in the water.
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    I can't say I've made a super high commission off of it, but I've had similar experiences happen.

    One time I put up a few reviews of bodybuilding and weight loss Clickbank products on a document sharing website.

    Every few months, I'll still get a random commission from those reviews. It's not much, but it's cool to be like "what the heck- where'd that come from ? oh yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh"

    But you're right- if the buy button isn't out there, nobody will buy.

    But if you do get the button out there, at least people have the chance! Plain and simple.
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    Exactly: Just give people a chance to buy and sure enough they will buy.

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    You never know when those five-hit sites will become a one-hit wonder.

    I had a blog several years ago that plugged along under the radar until one post went viral and had somewhere around 28,000 visitors in one day.

    Just another hook in the water, and that might catch the fish.
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    Pretty cool. I like it. Another way to look at it is your ROI. On both your time, and money invested. It's a pretty high percent.

    Now the amount of time it took to turn that ROI is a different story, but it's pretty good for not doing anything. At least after that one initial day!

    This is actually how I started earning my first passive income online. I set up a site and did basic SEO and threw up a bunch of posts in a day.

    About a month later it started making sales pretty consistently, but I didn't find out about it until I got a check in the mail from Clickbank.

    You better believe that caught my attention. Even if it wasn't that much. And that I spent a little more time on that site after that!

    Now, if only I had promoted something more high ticket...


    PS. I noticed one of my biggest problems with online endeavors is I expect just about an instant return on my time and efforts, and it hardly ever turns out to be that way.

    It's something I've had to come to terms with slowly.
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