Thought Of Ending It All...But I Didn't!

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Everyone has different reasons why they got into IM. For some it is freedom, while others it is money. For me it was necessity. Why did you get into IM?

A little history about my road to IM...

I had my first brush with it at 17 when I invested over $1000 in a website and merchant account just to have no traffic to my site. I had no idea what I was doing. That was when people tried banner exchanges to drive traffic. What a joke!

Anyway after it failed I gave up the idea. But later I started designing sites as a hobby. Due to certain life events I ended up on the other side of the country with no job and little hope. I applied to a startup company as a webmaster (though I still didn't know much). IT was really desperation that drove me to apply. I called them daily for 2 weeks to see if they would hire me. Finally (I believe to be done with me) they hired me!

Well I learned a few things there but in another years time I was working at another job. I still remembered how to do a few things with websites that I had learned though.

Well I struggle with depression and anxiety. It is so bad that I have had a hard time keeping jobs and sadly had some thoughts of ending it all. But like it or not it takes a miracle to get on disability. So I knew I had to do something. I knew I couldn't keep things going because in time I would be out of yet another job.

So I had to come up with something I could do on my own terms so that when I hit those hard times I could still have money to support myself and my wife. It was then that I thought I would start a website to see if I could make it in IM.

I wasn't willing to fail. I took a lot of time working on the site and began to see real traffic come to it. After 3 years I decided that my niche wasn't a well paying one. So I got into other areas of IM.

It turned out to bring in my first $100! I was happy but understandably I knew I needed more. So I kept working at it. During that time I had gone through a couple other jobs and was applying for disability. But before I got to the judge I ended up making a good income. So I had a choice. Live off the Government or struggle through my mental illness and fight it out in the IM world.

I have been fighting it out and now am planning on having a record year in IM.

I don't know why I said all of that except to encourage others who may see no way out and be in the same place I was. Don't give up! Do what it takes to live for now...go from job to job, get a hand out, whatever it takes, but keep your eyes on the horizon and keep pushing.
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    Thank you for having the courage to publicly show you are not perfect. What is perfect is your persistence to overcome any and all obstacles put in your way.

    Life holds many challenges for all of us, I personally have experienced great financial highs and devastating lows. I have literally gone from Millionaire status to park bench. Through it all I held on to the belief that what I have to offer is special. We all have something special to offer.

    Just live life as a Weeble, for those of you old enough to remember, they wobble but they can't fall down.

    Best of luck to you!

    Barrie Featherstone
    US Army Retired
    "Still Serving"

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    I can relate to some of what you wrote. It reminds me of a post I made a few years ago about the time I almost quit (and I was glad I didn't).

    "Your personal philosophy is the greatest determining factor in how your life works out."
    - Jim Rohn
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    Awesome! Been there done that! Persistence, belief in yourself and a strong passion to succeed is what it takes to succeed. You certainly have all of these! Great Post!
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      We're all in the gutter, some of us are looking to the stars.

      Chin up, anyone can make it in this world. It just takes motivation and a good idea.

      Here are some specific tips for anyone struggling, because I hate vague feel good comments:

      1. Get into CPA marketing if you aren't already
      2. If you have traffic you need to be building an email list, and better yet, a phone number list (SMS marketing is growing and will be cheaper)
      3. Reverse engineer the success of others. If it ain't broke, don't fix it.
      4. Youtube is a great marketing tool, utilise the videos, make alot and find popular niches and you'll be set for life.
      5. Sell info products.
      6. Try to start some sort of recurring business model so you are getting customers constantly, not just for a 1 time sale. Remember, its easier to sell to current customers than it is to go and find new ones.

      Never quit and never give up, we all die in the end, that is a certainty. But until that day comes, make the damn most of it.

      Read the rules -- no affiliate links allowed in posts or sigs.

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    congratulations on your struggle and eventual happy ending. I hope you continue on in the same direction and keep growing your business in future.
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    You really have to be persistent if you want to achieve your goals. I hope everything will be always better for you.

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