Hi how are you doing today {!firstname_fix}?

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So I received this email today containing similar name field errors, and all of a sudden I woke up to the reality that the people who I thought were my special friends, (because they always seem to be going out of their way to twists some guy's arm in order to get me these awesome limited time exclusive deals, if I hurry and act now!!!)..... are maybe not my true friends after all?

But seriously, this email reminded me of a recent thread regarding the importance of relationship building.

Do you as a marketer go out of your way to interact with your subscribers via social media etc? Or do you simply leave it at emailing, and trusting that the name field will be properly filled?

And when you do notice that your system screwed up, do you apologize to your list? Or do you leave it alone?

See, here is why I would never date an internet marketer...

What if I woke up this morning, and she rolls over in bed and says, good morning honey, you were so great last night {!firstname_fix}!

That would just be awful.

And I would probably unsubscribe.
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