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Hi Everyone, I'm building a tutorial membership site which will house tutorial videos which I'll host on Amazon S3.

I'll like to sell membership subscription which will provide users with access to watch videos online and also pages with content only available to them.

Non subscribing customers can also have option to buy these videos without paying a monthy subscription by buying video directly and downloading them thru S3.

Subscribers which are charitable organizations can also sign up to get these videos for free.

I had wanted to embed videos on pages only members have access to.
Do I have to get S3flowshield to have this happen?
Or can I just embed thru flow player and lock this page/post with wishlist?

And also I was thinking of getting camtasia to rebrand the PLR videos I have, to watermark it.

Are there any cheaper alternatives to S3flowshield and Camtasia?

Currently, I have installed Genesis framework with a child theme, together with a Wish List plugin version 6.41 and also WooCommerce for the site.

I'm not sure if its correct actually.

I have no prior experience to membership sites and in fact I'm quite an amateur in web development and Wordpress.

A very big thank you to all mentors in advance.
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    Woocommerce is not needed unless you want to make an online shop. Wishlist can also handle normal product sales, not only membership. I build some membership websites with s2member ( which is free ), and I have everything I need.
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    You may also want to take a look at MemberMouse as your member management plugin.
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    hi Twelveo, I had a think about what you're looking to do and here's what I'd recommend you go with:

    1. Membership Plugin = DAP

    You get unlimited membership levels (you only get 4 with Wishlist). You can create free products and free sign up forms quickly and easily (and collect emails in the process).

    Also I've seen your site and if you plan on building out your product catalog and creating different membership tiers, DAP will grow with you. Wishlist, not so much. Although WL is a decent membership script, I probably wouldn't use it for your scenario.

    You'll be able to create a separate product for the streaming vids and another for the download vids. You can do this on Wishlist too.

    2. Content protection = S3MediaVault.

    This is a plugin from the DAP folks that lets you specify the pages people can access your S3 content from. This includes files and videos.

    So even if one of your members givesz out the link to a video or file, I won't be able to access unless I'm on the page you specify *inside your members area*. So effectively you get 2 layers of protection.

    You get S3MediaVault free if you purchase the unlimited site license of DAP ($297).

    Or if you purchase the single site license of DAP ($167), you can buy S3MediaVault separately ($27 for 1 site license).

    3. Rebranding your vids = Just send them to a Warrior or dude on Fiverr.

    You can have this done for under $20. Just come up with a logo and get somebody to brand it. No need to pay for a whole piece of software.

    But if you insist, I'd go with ScreenFlow IF you have a Mac. Don't know about PC stuff.

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    Hello, I wanted to respond to your inquiry. One of your questions was in regards to a cheaper alternative to Camtasia. HONESTLY Camtasia is so good it is an investment worth it. Camtasia will pay you back 100s more than what you paid for it. unfortunately some things are not worth the risk of going cheap on. Yes there is CamStudio and it is FREE but it is also BUGGY and lacks many of Camtasia's features. Programs like that require you to spend more time than necessary trying to tweak the cheaper versions to mimic the feature rich paid counterparts. TIME & MONEY are things you can never get back. If you really want to make GREAT VIDEOS, quickly and seamlessly, then you need CAMTASIA.

    You stated that people would have the option of purchasing your videos. Well then, they need to be top quality if you are selling them. Don't be cheap when it comes to your Flagship Product. Sometimes your just need to spend the money. I apologize if this is not the easiest pill to swallow but a cheaper way out is not always the best way out. You get what you pay for and you miss what you don't when you need it.
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    You're doing it the hard way. See this ...
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      Originally Posted by SiteSmarty View Post

      You're doing it the hard way. See this ... (
      I wouldn't feel confident putting my entire business on Viddler's system. Or on any system that is proprietary and for which there are not any similar fallback solutions.

      (1) Viddler is not cheap. $50/month for starter plan, but that's not enough bandwidth for delivering a fair number of video playbacks. So you're looking at the next two plans, which cost $100/month and $350/month.

      (2) If for some reason Viddler cancels your account, then you're out of business overnight. Whereas with a WordPress based system using a third-party membership platform (via a WordPress plugin), you "own" the membership software. (well technically, software is "licensed" to you, you never own it) ...and if for some reason you had to change membership platforms, with a WordPress based system you can do that with minimal changes, and be up and running within a day. ....But if Viddler goes out of business, or raises their prices dramatically, or decides to cancel your account, then basically you are starting from scratch.

      (My bank Washington Mutual one of the largest banks in the world went out of business, and thousands of solid businesses have closed, so there's no guarantee that Viddler or any other large or small company will be here in years to come)

      (3) Viddler uses Paypal, so if you ever lose your Paypal account, then you can't use Viddler.

      Oh and btw, Yes, your PP account is at risk! Several large threads on this forum about warriors have lost their PP accounts. Tons of IM'ers including famous gurus have lost their PP accounts. And something like a quarter million PP accounts got cancelled without any apparent reason, which caused a class action lawsuit against Paypal. (actually there might be a reason, but PP doesn't disclose it to the person whose account they are cancelling)
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    I would look into both InstaMember and MemberMouse. Both extremely powerful WP plugins that will be able to do anything you need them to.
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      Instamember looked really good (and I too purchased it)..... But turns out that Insta-member has major problems & serious bugs, as reported (here) by several dozen warriors.
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    You can also check out MemberSonic WordPress Membership Site Plugin.

    I'm the creator of the product... send me an email to if you are interested and I can give you a discount link.

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