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Hey everyone,

Most of you know my site is a blog, but I also have a couple of products for sale. Here's my problem. Right now I have one main list. I offer a free 5 day video vocal training course to opt in to my list. It converts at almost 50%. People who opt-in to that list get the 5 day course e-mailed to them over 9 days. They also get new blog posts from me twice a week.

Here's my problem. I'm not promoting my products well. Aside from live coaching via Skype, I have a full length paid vocal training course and another 45 minute coaching video covering another related topic. The 5 day course promotes the full length paid video vocal training course.
The 45 minute coaching video is promoted on the thank you page of the free 5 day course.

I have seen some sales with both. So I'm convinced it may be more of an issue of simply pushing more traffic to the products than anything else. I haven't spent any money on specific paid advertising campaigns, so aside from the free course and links in the blogs my paid course and my other product don't see a lot of traffic besides the 80 to 100+ or so visitors a day the blogs, search engines and FB generates.

The experts say you need to create a squeeze page for your product, ask for the e-mail to see the sales page, and have a 7-10 day follow-up series in place to encourage sales from those who don't buy right away. I'm trying to figure out the best way to keep my main list growing while doing some individual ad campaings for the products.

Do I start a new list for each product, complete with their own 7-10 follow-up campaign? Then after a person finishes the follow-up series if they haven't purchased they get added to my main mailing list and start getting the blog posts twice a week?

I think I have a mild case of "paralysis of analysis going here and I just want to do something already, lol! I've learned of some very inexpensive ways to do some paid advertising campaigns thanks to this forum. So not wanting to spend money isn't the issue. I just want to make sure I have things set up the best way before I spend the money for paid traffic, so I keep growing my lists.

Any constructive advice would be appreciated as always.
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    To do it right you should use automated marketing software. But you're right. Setup landing page for each product with a corresponding list. If they don't buy, keep them on that list cause that's what they are interested in. Maybe some bonuses if they don't buy within the 7 followups. A "last chance at this price" might work also. If you use something like HubSpot you can track this stuff.
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    Thanks SiteSmarty, what are you referring to when you say "automated marketing software?"

    Also, one other thing that I don't know how to address is the frequency of the blogs. As I mentioned I post twice a week and those go out to my main list. I was kind of thinking that people going through a follow-up series for a certain product shouldn't get those while they're also getting the follow-up series. That was my thinking behind transferring them to the main list after they finish the series. Or perhaps inviting them to subscribe.
    That way my main list keeps growing even from paid campaigns for specific products.
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    You should keep the lists for each product separate. This way any follow-up emails you send can be specific to that group. If at a later time you want to broadcast something to everyone you can send the same email to several or all of your lists.
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    Thanks Jeff,

    You guys confirmed my thinking seems to be on the right track. I've already started on the squeeze pages. Creating the follow-up sequences are more challenging since I don't know much about writing a good high-converting follow-up sequence for the purpose of selling. I'm checking the forums and search engines though so I'm sure I'll find some tips.
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