For email marketers : Think before you send out every single broadcast

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I know i have touched on this a few times.

But i just want to share that it is a fine line between trying getting your readers excited and acting like an idiot.

I guess you have to know your demographics, if you are targeting newbiees probably you "can" send out over hyped emails.

If your list is filled with season guys, been around for some time etc, you will just look like a clown trying to be over excited over everything. And they might think U are the newbiee.

Every email you send out carries not only the content in your email or the link you are trying to promote to them, it carries YOUR REPUTATION. And unfortunately many dont realize or couldnt care less.

What i like to do is, when i dont have time to go through emails, yet i want to clear my inbox, i will transfer this emails to another folder which i will read or scan through later on.

I use the search function in gmail.

I will look through ALL the emails sent from the same person to see what kind of emails he is sending me, of cos i do this when im a little free.

1 "bad" email is 1 too many (for me), once i see someone pushing me a product that is crap, over hyped, or sales video just going on and on and on about irrelevant stuff etc, i close the window, hit unsubscribe, select all mails in gmail under that person, click delete.

I mean, its okay to do swaps, i know many people here are doing swaps. Or selling solo ads etc.
But at the very least, go through the offers or content of the swap before you accept.
Unless your only goal is to make quick money of this and not to build a business with a reputation.

So pls pls plssss, i cant over emphasize, every email counts!

So treat your list like gold.
Treat your subscriber/members like your family. (send them things only if you are proud to send to your own family)
Treat your email broadcasts like an asset.
And last of all, treat your own reputation for your own sake and the sake of the IM industry.

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    Lately I have been researching how to build and upkeep a responsive list and this post was golden for me, thanks for the tips man.

    - Felix
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      Originally Posted by Felix Hill View Post

      Lately I have been researching how to build and upkeep a responsive list and this post was golden for me, thanks for the tips man.

      - Felix
      You;re welcome Felix, it was also partly a rant on my part. haha.
      Mixed with some "you should" and "you should not" comments.
      Pain is a perception, so is defeat & happiness!
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    I couldn't agree more Newbieee it's all about building a relationship with the list gaining people's trust before you bombard them with selling or redirecting elsewhere.

    Another thing your posts have to be relevant to the niche I mean you have to ask yourself why did they signup with you?
    Must be for a reason so follow that up with sending out relevant stuff that they are interested in.
    I do the same thing as you when I receive emails from a new marketer I look to see how they treat me is it that are they genuine.

    Do they treat me as a flea marketer] (English expression ;-] ), by throwing everything at me; or as a mate interested in that particular niche by giving me tips real advice and gently directing me to helpful products. There is a difference and the real people on the list will feel it.

    Have a great day

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      Originally Posted by Flyingpig7 View Post

      There is a difference and the real people on the list will feel it.
      Yes they can definitely feel it.
      I know, because i can.
      Pain is a perception, so is defeat & happiness!
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    The goal of email marketing is to give away free information that educates,entertains,and informs your subscribers. It's part of the sales process. No doubt about it your end goal is to make money,but you do it by first educating your prospects on what you have to offer. I like to call it "sellacation".
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    You can tell pretty quick when someone is trying to monetize and when someone is trying to help.
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      There is only 1 simple rule: Provide Value!

      This of course does not mean that you can't recommend affiliate products or offer your own products...

      Provide great value and if there is a quality product or service that perfectly fits your newsletter post, by all means, let your readers know about it.

      Recommending quality products and letting your readers know about the strong points, the shortcomings, if the product is for experienced marketers... is actually a great service.
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    It is good to bring this up, generally most owners of the list have money on their mind. You need to send out emails with the intention of wanting to help them genuinely. I always try to include a tip of the month and other links to helpful blog posts on my monthly newsletter then of course I suggest a service that will be helpful. Although in affiliate marketing you will be promoting someone else's product most likely but you can use the same technique.

    I also avoid sending them out too often twice a month is fine for me.
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    I create a video and email it out to my list every single day, I love my list and they love me, it's such a fun process for me, and I look forward to creating my video and mailing it out to my audience everyday

    It's a shame most people feel that their list is just numbers, people must understand that they are real people who have turned and trusted you for help
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    also, good servers might affect your results... for example, if you have bad servers , your messages end up in junk/spam therefore they build a bad rep for you... you can use email marketing companies that will guarantee (most of the times) that they are using good servers
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