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Hi all,
I m starting a study in a Irish International Business School. We re all obliged to choose our own project i have choosen to setup and create my own property database.But i must say i m a bit dazzled. So i came to this forum for advice. Although based in Europe i m pretty sure that many people here can assist me. I m not really looking for legal advice so

My goal is to do something new and i would like to start with this site in some unusual languages ..
I have already contacted 2 chineze students here in Dublin that agreed to do some translations for me and i have an Indian Connection that is willing to help me out for a small exchange also. I will do the English, Dutch and French translations ... But maybe i will leave this out to

The site will be similar as this one
Properties for Sale in France

The technical parts is the easy part is have a friend who will help me out with this but still spammers scare me already and i haven t even taught about a decent domain name

As you all can read i m already spending and not making any. It s a project so my first goal is to be a successfull student but on the other hand i would like to regain the the amount of money i will invest in it.
I m talking around 1800 dollars.
I know that i could charge an initial coast but i m not sure if this wnill get me any success. I have done some research and i know
what others ask, but they don t have a chineze language option. I m already dreaming about spanish and Arab language but my innervoice tells me to be realistic and keep it small. I m just starting with this...
my site hasn t even been setup yet but i m already a bit paranoid about things like initial coast and how to moneytize the site. I will start blogging like crazy, and use affliates and offcourse social media. So i get higher rates... But maybe i m underestimating these affliates also ?
How expensive can this be?

now in regards to making money I know that i could charge up to 1 % for each sale made via the site, but what i m really wondering about is how in godsname can i check this ?
I m already in contact with several property sellers all over Europa and they are all very friendly and even more interested...
Out of my own experience i know that when i comes to paying bills people tend to be less friendly and interested.
How can i prevent doing so much effort and not getting paid for it... Setting up contracts offcourse but still how am i going to check that these contracts will be fulfilled
Everybody is digitally assertive nowadays and yes i know you can check ip addresses entering your site and all that but still from a proxy distance this doesn t feel trustworthy and it has no legal base for a sale. I m thinking associates maybe partners or maybe i should look for a smaller project. I have at least 2 years for it so as An alternative i was thinking about starting an online business in some Eastern European language as this market still is wide open.
Sound way much more simple then it actually is i know ... storage logistics and all that ...
My first taught is more realistic for me i guess

Maybe i m living in a dream world but for 12 years i have been dreaming about independ work and i m extremly driven. The way i see it i can t wait much longer,
Living the American dream in Europe i guess
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