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Hello, two things first:
I am new here. This is my first post. I came across this website when a friend of mine suggested I try online marketing after I moved and had no job (story for another time).
Secondly, I'm sorry if I'm posting this in the wrong section. I didn't see my particular post fitting anywhere else.

I recently decided to start a recipe website for a particular food. When I looked up the competitiveness on the specific and related keywords, I am now convinced that I have a shot at earning a bit of money from this site. At least it's somewhere to start.

My question is: can you guys suggest any marketing ideas to grow and monetize my site? Text ads seem obvious, as does marketing products and ebooks related to my keyword. Should I do it as a blog? A gallery? Etc.

I'm just trying to think a little deeper here. It's a skeleton of an idea, still so new, and maybe you guys can get me on the right path?

For those of you who operate recipe websites: what do you do to add value to your site?

Thanks for all your suggestions! And I can't wait to explore this website! Thanks again.
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    What you want to do is, SEO. My advise would be to make legit backlinks. You want to make a wordpress site, squido page, make accounts on forums with your SIG as a link, comment on blogs, make social media profiles, ect. Get your name out there and SEO will come with it, also update your site daily so it gets crawled more often
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