Help a new graphics guy improve his skills..

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Hi All,

Like the thread title suggests i am indeed a new graphics guy. Problem is i seem to do my best work for others. This will also help me build my portfolio up. So if any of you guys or lasses would like a FREE e-book, header, footer,membership or buy now graphics either pm me with the details or post below.

To me this will be a good training exercise in developing my skills as i don't use photoshop. Downloaded the trial version but it wont install on my vista PC. So i am building them on a template then applying the effects by hand.

Practice makes perfect...

Here is an example of just where my level is now..

This is an example of a design i developed with the help of fellow warriors in another thread. This work will be done for free but donations are welcome if you should choose after delivery. I have a buy me a beer/coffee link in my sig.

Either pm me or leave details below on what you would like me to "attempt" to do. Colors, niche titles and any thing else you can think of that will aid me. If you have a site a site link so i can gain some inspiration from there.

Thanks to all in advance..
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